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Pinewood Derby Websites

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Here are a couple of great sites for Pinewood Derby Racing.


Derby Talk, http://derbytalk.com - is a forum for Pinewood Derby, Space Derby, Raingutter Regatta, Cub Mobile and other similar races. There are all sorts of discussions of interest to race coordinators and racers alike.


GrandPrix Race Central, http://grandprix-race-central.com/ - Newly overhauled to make it an even better resource for Pinewood Derby race coordinators.


Key features of the new site:

+ Content Pages - Ideas, information and resources on how to plan and coordinate your race. There are topics covering Tracks, Electronics, Software, Scales, Scheduling Methods, and more.

+ Downloads - Various documents, graphics and other files that can help with your race. You can even contribute to this great resource.

+ Photo Gallery - Over 100 car photos from my family, our Awana club and site visitors. These can help those kids who are not sure just what design they want to build. You can even submit your own car photos!

+ Polls/Surveys - Let us know how you do your race and what equipment you use and see how others responded.

+ Product Reviews - See and submit reviews on various race related products and services. Help others to know what to buy or not to buy.

+ Site Search - All of the content on the site is searchable. You can even go to the Photo Gallery and search for specific cars.

+ Links - Links to various race websites. You can even submit your favorites.

+ Submit News or Stories - Let us know about any special event coming up or submit your favorite race memories.

+ and more ...


Stop by and check out both sites.

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It has been quite some time since my original post (2004), so I'll give a bit of an update.


Derby Talk is now up to almost 1500 members and has over 37,000 posts. So, most anything you'd like to learn or discuss relating to Pinewood Derby, Space Derby, Raingutter Regatta and Cub Mobile races can/has been discussed there.


The photo gallery on GrandPrix Race Central is now up to 200 cars. We've added more information for putting on a Pinewood Derby race, as well as more downloadable resources.

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