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Sharing graphics on SCOUTER???

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Hops or Terry or ...,


In a CUB thread, we're discussing activity participation segment patches. Is there a way for me to share the scanned image of these? I don't know how to "attach" this graphic to a post or a PM. Is it possible? Is there any other option than sharing personal email addresses?



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At this time, SCOUTER does not allow images to be posted into a post. I do not know the real reasoning behind this, but I'm guessing the reason is that images use a lot more bandwith than text does. This would also slow down the loading times of the site. If you would like, you can send them to me and I will post them onto my site if you dont have your own.



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THANKS!!!!!! I get it and I'm already working on it!! Again, thank you.


Now, since you gave me that cookie let me ask for another . . .


Using that webpage or any other technology associated with Scouter, can I establish a forum for my local peeps to discuss local issues -- a techno-meeting, site as it were. I imagine getting all my Unit Leaders to sign on to Scouter and then visit our own personal forum for discussions that would ordinarily require hours of meeting time. Any help??



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