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Our troop has been having a "scout challenge", so I put it online. Now, scouts can track their own progress easily and other troops can create their own custom challenges.

Proceeds from patches and pins help fund our troop.

Scout Challenge is available integrated with http://www.TroopKit.com or by itself.


Scout On

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Alright, I'll cave. Not gonna lie though; this forum doesn't seem to be particularly active.


I've been working on a Drupal install to build our new troop website and it's kind of awesome and it is *not* for the faint of heart (building a website using Drupal, that is).


You can find the current "development" version of the website at v2.troop97.org. I'm still adding content and such but the design and structure is there to stay. Our old website can be found at troop97ocbsa.org *shudder*. Albeit most BSA-related websites would cause most web designers/ux experts to have nightmares in their sleep but I guess when you don't have money to hire a professional web designer you end up with a parent who know how to use Front Page and is willing to build a website. No hard feelings to those folks - o.k.?


If anyone has any questions regarding my kick-butt website or wants any nitty-gritty technical details, don't hesitate to give me a shout.


Also, I would like to thank whoever was the previous owner of troop97.org as they let it expire and I snagged it!(This message has been edited by angrysock)

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I'm testing a mobile version of our troop site. I used iWekKit for the HTML/CSS framework, which looks its best on an iOS device, but it's usable on Firefox for Android. I haven't yet tested other mobile browsers. The Wordpress blog and Gallery 3 photos are currently off-line, but there's enough running to get a feel for how the site comes together. A desktop user will need to tweak their User Agent to spoof a mobile browser for best effect.



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