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Local Council History Books

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Cleveland has a museum that had gathered up boxes of records, including scrapbooks, from 1908 forward. These records were saved over the years according to the inclinations of whoever was around, so throughness varies. No one has made a history of this raw material, and we are in a race to scan them before they turn to dust.

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Coming late to the party, but I will add the Scouting Histories that I know of.

1) http://www.westtexasscoutinghistory.net/

Original focus was on West Texas, but it has grown to include early scout troops from all over Texas.  Very good site, especially for those interested in "which Texas scout troop is the oldest...."  Lots of photos.

2) Jack Linn, "Sam Houston Area Council History," 1964, unpublished typewritten manuscript.  Texas Metropolitan Research Center (TMRC), Special Collection RGF-7.  The TMRC is also known as the Houston Public Library Archives.  Chapter called "In the Beginning" describes Houston's early scout troops, especially when each began.   Minor Huffman's SHAC History "Sam Houston Scouts" borrowed generously from Jack Linn's.  Linn relied on folks' memories, so not all of his information is accurate.

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On 9/14/2012 at 1:59 PM, LeCastor said:


...So do your councils have history committees or anything in place to write, produce and publish history books?

Virginia Headwaters Council (Waynesboro) (formerly Stonewall Jackson Area Council) has just tapped a council historian. No history committee yet, but it's coming...

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No History Committee nor a council historian.  Minor Huffman's 1985 history is the only published book.

SHAC does not know what to do with the unsold copies of Minor Huffman's "Sam Houston Scouts."  I am told the extra copies sit in a closet somewhere.  I am surprised the SHAC History is not available in the Scout Store, which is right there in the SHAC Service Center, about 40 yards from that closet. 

Nelson Block is a Houston scouter.  For the last thirty years, Nelson has published the Journal of Scouting History, but that is for all scouting topics:  local, national and world scouting. 


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