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cartoon about badges!!!

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Son did the pictures of what he saw, before the camera phone (but I think we did have a digital camera.).. So not so new a concept with the phone camera.


Well the thing is to find the animals or signs of.. They went on hikes with leaders and never saw much more then small species birds (which he wasn't too great at naming bird species, and was not going to get signed off for bird, bird, another bird..) chipmonks & squirells.. But not much else..


We had Turkeys and deer in the yard, voles in the lawn, snakes in the wooden railroad tie landscape grading, we came upon turtles crossing the road on the way to a scout event (but no leaders where with us at the time), we had a pond close buy that geese hatched and raised their young in, plus mud prints of other animals that came for water..


Could he have found something on scouting events..? Probably, but on scout events he was with his buddies, and his attention span was that of a gnat..


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Actually, I'd even count that gnat! ;)

It doesn't have to be done on an official outing. But it would be nice if it is done by actually going outside. To me the cartoon implied that the scout found all his wildlife on the internet and completed the requirements online. I could be wrong.

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Looks to me like this Scout in the cartoon was following the old 1970's Sc****** program. You remember, when National took "outing" out of "Scouting".


However, an inner city kid not camping in the woods in the 70's might have used an encylopia and a copy machine to pass.

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