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Where have I seen that picture?

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I was looking at emb's web site, www.seniorscoutinghistory.org, which first I have to say is a great site and brought back a lot of memories and told me a lot that I didn't know. So thank you for the site.


But the reason I started this thread is the page on Norman Rockwell's depiction of "Senior Scouts" in his art, which is great as a whole, but contains one painting that made me say: Where have I seen that picture? It is this one: http://home.earthlink.net/%7Escouters2/images/r1939.jpg


I quickly came up with the answer, which I thought was a good fit for the Scouting History forum. I had recently been looking at my father's Scouting memorabilia, with the idea of having some of it on display at my son's Eagle COH which will take place during the BSA centennial year (and perhaps the centennial month, that's still being worked out.) One of the items is a binder containing all of his registration cards, from the year-ending 1939 to the year he passed away (several years ago.) As some here may (or may not) know, the registration cards for Scouts in the 30's and 40's were fancy deals, tri-folded cards, not the computerized slips of today. Each one has a Scouting-oriented painting. The ones for y/e 1939 and 40 are a generic picture, unsigned, but the ones for 1941 through 1944 are this same painting by Norman Rockwell that I linked to -- just the Scouts, on a white background, without all the historical figures above that appear in the original painting. How far beyond 1944 that painting was on the youth registration card I don't know, because at that point my father's cards switch to the adult leader variety, which was a much simpler one-part card -- though still much more ornate than the cards of today!


I thought it was interesting, anyway.

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As I have posted before.

After finishing college for the first time!!

My Dad thought I needed to find myself. - I didn't know I was lost.

He paid for me to come to the States on the International Camp Counselor program.

Back then in 1977, the deal was that participants paid their own return fare from where they were at, in my case London to New York. We had no say where we might end up. We spent the summer working at the camps with no pay! But when the summer was over the BSA provided a bus tour of East Coast.

The final stop was at the then National Scout HQ. In New Jersey.

The HQ was nothing to write home about, other than the Rockwell Collection was housed there.

To be honest there were so many Rockwell's there that it was hard to take them all in. Maybe the fact that I was 21 and there were a few Scouts from Ireland on the tour who helped me pass the time, sampling the fruits of American breweries. Anyway I don't remember this particular picture.


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