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OK, scrambled eggs, I get it. Yes, that is what the adult leader hats have on the brim, in the same gold color as the lettering on the hat. (On some it seems more yellowish.) We don't have any color coding like you do, all leaders have the eggs and youth do not. I don't think it would be a bad idea for the SM to have something distinctive such as a different color, but I personally would probably say that all youth should have the brim undecorated and let the Eagle award stand for itself. It's not a big deal, that's just my instant, not-much-thought-on, reaction.

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Fog, your risking raising the ire of a couple of Air Force guys in these forums. A bit of disdain, eh?


And by the way, I am not one. I didn't think serving my country was the honor that I believe it is now. Sure wish I had been smarter then. Thank you to whoever did. Even the Air Force guys.



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