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Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

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Has anyone seen "Spiderman 3"?


Did you notice the scene where Spiderman gets the key to the city -- onstage were several Cub Scouts in what appears to be official uniforms?


The Cubs otherwise have no impact on the storyline, but I was glad to see them there (kinda like a ubiquitous product placement!).

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Russell is such a tragically sweet scout. He earns every single merit badge because he hopes that THIS time his father will show up to pin it on his sash. Brings a tear to my eye.

Just added a copy of "Mr. Scoutmaster" staring Clifton Webb to my collection along side "Follow Me Boys"... Next addition will be "Moonlight Kingdom" Not boy scouts, but a good movie that we showed du

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Has anyone seen Corey Feldman's "Edge of Honor" (1991)? Here's the link to IMDB:




The movie is very violent, with scenes that are not suitable for children (the movie is rated "R" due to violence and language; there is no sex).


W/o giving away the plot, suffice it to say the movie is about a bunch of boys ("Northwest Wilderness Explorers") who stumble upon some stolen weapons hidden in a shack in the woods of the Olympic peninsula in Washington. The movie follows the boys as they try to escape from the bad guys, and how they finally deal with them, with a little help from an unexpected source.


The uniforms look a lot like Boy Scouts, but I don't think the term "Boy Scouts" is ever actually applied to the boys (or the larger group they are camping with). The boys do eventually use some of the pioneering skills they learned in "Explorers".


I don't think BSA supported the movie in any official way, but I note that the production company was called "Merit Badge Productions". Does anyone know if Corey Feldman was a Scout?

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Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! (1966): stars Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller and Elke Sommer. A real estate agent (Hope) gets in trouble trying to hide an actress (Sommer) from the studio who wants her to film a bubble-bath scene she refuses to do. Some Boy Scouts stumble upon their cabin hideout in the woods; hilarity ensues.



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I keep a digital copy of "Follow Me Boys" on my iPod. It is a must when I teach the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge at Wintercamp.


Requirement 5.


With the approval of your counselor and a parent, watch a movie that shows how the actions of one individual or group of individuals can have a positive effect on a community. Discuss with your counselor what you learned from the movie about what it means to be a valuable and concerned member of the community.


Seen it so many times that I can turn off the volume and speak the parts.

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I watched Follow Me Boys when I was a kid. When it came on DVD I had to get it. Just as good now as it was then. The boys love it as well.


Another movie worth mentioning is "Outlaw Trail" (I think 2008).

"Three boy scouts, one a great-nephew of Butch Cassidy, and their pretty girl friend hunt for the lost treasure of the legendary bank robber in 1950s Utah. A modern gang of outlaws wants to grab the loot, too, and soon the intrepid heroes are fleeing for the lives on trains, rafts and automobiles."


Great movie, with scouting in a good bit of it. On the back it calls it a "Feature Film For Families." It then has a few questions for discussion. One of which is "Jess had really useful skills because he had studied and learned about survival in the wilderness. Where could you go these days to learn about good survival skills?"

A very fun movie.

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BP fought the White Africaners who were Xperts with the German Mauser rifle.


It's the same continent, though.



"Zulu" showed the value of even rudimentary fortifications. The previous day a regiment of a thousand British infantry were pretty much wiped out by the Zulu infantry when caught out in the open.


A few years earlier Custer was being wiped out at the Little Big Horn.



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The miniseries "Stephen King's 'IT'", about a group of boys in the 1950s who confront an ancient evil and who have to return to their home town and face it again as adults, has a character who in the 1950s flashback was a Boy Scout and who wears his (period-era) uniform even when he's not in a troop meeting (not that uncommon back then, probably). He is attacked by "It" when he is out in the woods working on his birdwatching merit badge.

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Can anyone identify this movie?




That's obviously Sarah Silverman and it appears she's flashing a group of boys wearing Scout-like uniforms. The main GQ article gives no hint as to the movie from which this scene was lifted:





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