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Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

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The movie that features Rick Schroder and the Boy Scouts is called "14 Hours" and was shown on TNT on April 3. I didn't see it, but it was a made-for-TV feature apparently based on actual events:Turner Network Television tells the story of Memorial Hermann Hospital's efforts along with those of the American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of Ameirca and other municipal workers to safely evacuate more than 500 patients during Tropical Storm Allison.http://www.nursing.advanceweb.com/common/editorialsearch/Aviewer.aspx?AN=NW_05mar28_n8p32.html&AD=03-28-2005


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Russell is such a tragically sweet scout. He earns every single merit badge because he hopes that THIS time his father will show up to pin it on his sash. Brings a tear to my eye.

Just added a copy of "Mr. Scoutmaster" staring Clifton Webb to my collection along side "Follow Me Boys"... Next addition will be "Moonlight Kingdom" Not boy scouts, but a good movie that we showed du

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Using www.imdb.com to search for 'boy scout', I got these hits:


"The Boy Scout" (2002) Directed by Ward Roberts. it got 7 out of 10 stars- pretty good for a flick I never heard of! The description is of an 'adult boy scouts misadventures'.


"Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout" (1944) Directed by Hugh Bennett. A whopping 8.7 out of 10 rating!


"The Nuclear Boy Scout" (2003) (TV)


and, of course, the one I can't believe no one posted yet...


"The Last Boy Scout" (1991)


(along with a few others from 1915(!!??))

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I have Follow Me Boys in DVD, got about a year ago. It came out in VHS back when there still was Beta so I think there might still be some in that version. It got so hard to find vhs version that e-bay prices were sky high. Quite a campaign to get Disney to reissue it. It took about 15 years. I don't think they reissued it in vhs.

I also have Tex Ritter and the Boy Scouts and a classic Jetson episode with Elroy as a scout and only George taking them on campout on the moon (pre G2SS or post?).


Years ago I heard that Spielberg (whose is an Eagle) made young Indiana a Life Scout in honor of his father who was a Life Scout.


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The National Scout Museum used to sell (It is not listed there now.) a documentary, "Scouts, Rise of the Scouting Movement" on VHS. It is awesome! In addition to all the historic information there are video clips from old, old (silent movie old) movie trailer type video shots. My Scouts used to laugh a lot when I would show the video on troop planning outings. I think many of film clips were shot in England. There are even interviews with the men who went on the first campout with Baden-Powell on Brownsea Island. These are precious because at the time they were interviewed these men were very senior citizens. One man tells the story about making biscuits "Scouting style" in his coat when they camped on the beach. He talks about mixing the dough on the back of his coat and how the sand fleas kept jumping into the dough. He did not know what to do so he kept on mixing the fleas into the dough. He then goes on to say that all the boys in his patrol seemed to like the biscuits, but he didn't eat any. The tape also has film of Lord Baden-Powell reciting the Scout Oath at the first world jamboree, "On my honor (your honor mind you!) . . ." There is a lot a Scouting tradition in the video. Too bad it appears to no longer be available.


There is also a Disney cartoon with Donald Duck and his nephews titled, "Good Scouts" out there on VHS somewhere.


If anyone finds the either video available, please let us (me) know.


Yours Truly in Scouting,

Rick Pushies

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I just saw a short bit of "It Happened to Jane" today before I left for an errand. It had a scene where Doris Day plays a den mother and Jack Lemmon looked to be a Scout Master, to a group of Cub Scouts, including Jane's son.


I didn't get to see the whole movie, but apparently Doris' character Jane is involved in a lobster business and Jack's character is sweet on her.


Not sure how the Cubs fit into the picture, but from what I could tell, the uniforms looked official and the vintage (1959) was very much as I remembered them when I was a Cub (1963-65).


The movie is available on DVD -- I plan to order a copy and will report back when I get to see the whole thing.

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"The National Scout Museum used to sell (It is not listed there now.) a documentary, "Scouts, Rise of the Scouting Movement" on VHS."


This documentary was created over in Europe, hence most (if not all) of the clips are on B-P and european scouting. Great video. Wish it was out on DVD. Also wish the BSA would do a really great video (maybe for 2010?).


Guess we'll have to see what pops up in 07.

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I just watched "Room for One More" on DVD (also called "The Easy Way").


I loved this film. It is the story of a family (Cary Grant and Betsy Drake starring as Poppy and Anna Rose) who take in a couple of orphaned children, and the various mi-adventures and calamities that result.


I enjoyed the way the film dealt with some real-life issues, like how the financially-strapped couple would deal with the added costs of taking in another child, how natural children deal with adopted children, and how normal children deal with disabled children. Some of the scenes arent pretty; in the current era of political-correctness, we sometimes forget how mean children could be to one another back in those days.


There are several scenes in the movie that involve the Boy Scouts. As a Scouter myself, these were my favorite parts. I especially liked the Eagle ceremony, and I really noticed how the Pledge of Allegiance, as said in 1952, omits under God, which wasnt added until 1954! Another thing I noticed: George Winslow, who played Teenie in this movie, later played a Cub Scout in Mister Scoutmaster (1953) starring Clifton Webb and Frances Dee.


Scouting played a prominent role in both films, which evidenced the place of Scouting in American society of the 1950s. For those of us currently involved in Scouting, we can only look with nostalgia at how Scouting was viewed at that time: as a wholesome activity for boys, unburdened with all the baggage of the political-correctness of our times.


Whether youre a Scouter or not, I think (unless youre totally jaded) that you and your children will really enjoy this heartwarming story of Scouting in an extended family. If you want to get the film on DVD, contact cheryl@elvis.com

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I thought it was time to update this thread a bit and add "Down and Derby" to the list of Scouting related movies. It is about a Cub Scout pinewood derby and how dads can get carried away with the competition. It is an entertaining movie. It has been released on dvd.

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My list of Scouting-related movies is a bit broader in nature.


Of course "Follow Me, Boys" is at or near the top of the list, along with "Mr. Scoutmaster" with Clifton Webb from 1953 (I may actually like it better than FMB, but I only have it on VHS.) Others are:


*Down and Derby -- better than I expected it would be - DVD

*Scouts to the Rescue -- the serial with Jackie Cooper - VHS

*Young Eagles -- another serial - VHS

*A History of Scouting -- from the National Scouting Museum - DVD

*The Jungle Book -- The live action one - DVD

*Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild! -- "Lake Scouts" - DVD

*Last of the Mohicans -- Uncas and Chingachgook, for part of the OA back story - DVD

*Father and Scout -- features a "scout-like" camp - DVD

*Breaker Morant -- not many flicks about the Boer War, no mention of Baden-Powell, but interesting info all the same, and a great movie - DVD

*Zulu -- again, nothing about B-P directly, but this was his world


*Zulu Dawn -- same as above - DVD

*Gunga Din -- Brits in India, same very loose B-P connection - DVD



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Just thought of two more movies of Scout interest.


*Flame Trees of Thika -- A series from BBC, filmed on location in Kenya, in an area familiar to B-P, as it is a stone's throw from Nyeri, where B-P spent his last years.

*King Solomon's Mines -- The version with Stewart Granger. In the part of the movie where Quartermain's group treks through uncharted Africa, a group of warriors is summoned by a man blowing a kudu horn!


. . .more when I think of them.



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Ozark: I have a copy of "Father and Scout". I know you didn't comment on its quality, but I frankly think its an awful movie.


The message is a good one, but I just think the production was terrible. If there's a "B-flick" category for family movies, I'm not sure this one even rises to that level.


I note the uniforms are not official BSA, but given the result, I'm not suprised BSA wasn't associated with this turkey!

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