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Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

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In another thread, Le Voyageur mentioned the Jackie Cooper "Scouts to the Rescue" movies from the '30s (never saw any of them).


I know that on those rare occasions when a copy of Disney's "Follow Me Boys" is offered on e-bay, the bidding goes over $100 easy.


Who has any movies with Scouts in them, including the ones I mentioned above?


Have any of you found Follow Me Boys at any of the internet download sites where you can burn a movie onto a CD?



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Russell is such a tragically sweet scout. He earns every single merit badge because he hopes that THIS time his father will show up to pin it on his sash. Brings a tear to my eye.

Just added a copy of "Mr. Scoutmaster" staring Clifton Webb to my collection along side "Follow Me Boys"... Next addition will be "Moonlight Kingdom" Not boy scouts, but a good movie that we showed du

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I have a copy of Follow Me Boys which is wearing out. Thus I converted/backed-it-up onto CD, in hopes of perserving it until I can find and afford a new copy.


My dad own "Scouts to the Rescue", it is ok. I have only seen it once. You should be able to find it at any place that allows you to special order movies like Suncoast or Blockbuster. However, it may not be out any more either.


There are many movies that have Scouts in them. There is a list here www.usscouts.org/usscouts/profbvr/scoutfiction/start.html


Hope this helps...



www.insanescouter.com Webmaster


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You can get "Young Eagles", "Scouts to the Rescue" and "Tex Ritter Rides with the Scouts" at Honor Publishing at the following: www.honorpub.com/item/video.htm(This message has been edited by shemgren)

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I have "Scout's Honor" on VHS (bought used on Ebay), a comedy starring Gary Coleman about a Cub Scout Pack and their den mother (Katherine Helmond).


Another Cub Scout comedy: "The Wrong Guys" about a reunion of former Cub Scouts and their mis-adventures. This is available from most sources on DVD.

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Since I picked up Follow Me Boys a couple months ago, I think I have watched it a half a dozen times - drawn to it by a strange combination of sentimentality and a goal of identifying every violation of the Guide to Safe Scouting. I especially liked the comment that Lem has been souped up on pep pills so he could keep up with the boys in his older age.


I have Scouts to the Rescue with Jackie Cooper - it is actually like a series of 20 minute to be continued shorts all around the same plot. The authentic uniforms and scenes from the DC jamboree make up for the fake indians (sounds like they reversed the sound to create indian-talk), 20-something scouts, sterotypical gangsters, and after about the 8th short the seemingly never ending plot.


I have Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts - more Tex stuff then boy scouts. I seem to recall a scene where Tex is in a shoot-out and a scout is kind of a shield for him.


I have Young Eagles but the tracking and sound is so bad, I can't watch it - don't know if that is just the tape I bought or the old film just didn't convert well.


When I really want to emerse myself in the old scouting days, I read my Tom Slade books.

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Has anyone seen "This Boy's Life", a 1993 movie starring Robert DeNiro, Ellen Barkin and Leonardo DiCaprio?


I've never seen the movie, but I've seen some pictures from the film that show DeNiro and DiCaprio in uniforms that look similar to (but not exactly like) Boy Scout uniforms of the 1950s.


If you've seen the movie, is Scouting part of the plot?

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They're not movies, but I remember seeing two episodes of TV shows from beyond my time (and probably yours) on Nick at Night in the late 1980's.


One was an episode of "Car 54" where a troop led the cops to the bank robbers and helped capture them. Super episode.


Another was one on "Make Room for Daddy" with the late Danny Thomas. He was the father of a Scout. The troop lost their Scoutmaster and he competed with the guy who played Mr. Mooney on the Lucy Show for the role of Scoutmaster. That was the only show I've ever seen that had a DE play a role in it.


They're old and black and white. I wonder if anyone has a copy?



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Since we're off on this tangent how about young Indiana Jones in "The Last Crusade?" As many times as I've seen it I still enjoy the opening sequence. I wonder if Indy ever made to Eagle? In the movie he has a Life scout rank patch. Oh, and need I point out that all the scouts look resplendent in their "Campaign Hats!"


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