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How do your guys and gals get along?

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I've had all combinations. When the group is large (say, more than 12) and young (14-16) they tend to segregate by sex. That's how it worked when we started.


Among the guys we have a class division, and the guys from the other side of the tracks tend to work better with the girls. The problem is they stink at getting their own girlfriends to join us. That makes it all out of balance and less attractive to the girls from this side of the tracks. These days it's a unique young lady who sticks with us.


Right now, the women in my crew are all in different circles. The tightest knit group of them is scattered across the country in college. Looks like we're gonna be building from scratch.

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Pretty good! We have 23 youth right now: 13 girls and 10 guys. Two dating couples among them. We had one spat among a former dating couple two years ago, but no other problems before or since.


We have been co-end since we chartered.

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One thing that stemmed from a panel discussion where adults taking VLST got to compile a couple of questions for youth taking ILSC at the lunchtime break ...


The boys in some crews tend to hang back and let the girls do all the planning , etc ...


The youth present explained that the boys are busy with SPL or PL duties every week. They see crew meetings as a chance to chill. Venturing girls are often not saddled with those responsibilities and are anxious to take charge.

"Give it time." They said. "The boys usually step up out on the trail. As they mature, things even out."


I'm not entirely sure that's accurate, but it does point out that youth might be less bothered by social dynamics than we are.

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