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Uniform Change?

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At Roundtable last week a Venturing adult said that he saw something that said BSA was changing the official Venturing uniform back to the boy scout uniform. He said he went to the Scout Shop and asked for a Venturing uniform and they gave him the scout uniform.


I haven't found the memo anywhere, and the Scout Shop manager looked confused when I asked about this. Is it just another unfounded rumor?

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How can the venturing uniform go "back to the scout uniform", when it never WAS the scout uniform???


Sounds like an unfounded rumor to me.


Heard NOTHING about this on any on-line forum. I think we would have.


Venturing uniform still available from Scoutstuff.


Have the Scout Shop people back up this claim with something official and in writing.


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Just handed down a "vintage" venturing shirt to our VOA VP admin last night. She's seen the green shirts before but never wore one. She was especially enthralled by the fleur-de-lis on the buttons. I think it actually made her day.


Can I suggest we get that detail back on the new unis?

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