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Hypothetical Question on a Female Leader/Venturer

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I'm posting this question in Venturing and not training since I feel more folks in this forum probably have dealt with this here.Here it is:


Suppose you have an 18 year old female GASer (that a local term for Gray Area Scouter, i.e. the 18-20yo group) who is an ASM with a troop, but is also a Venturer. You have a training event coming up, specifically IOLS, and she is attending the course that both Venturing and Boy Scout leaders will attend. So far she is the only female showing up for the course. So which set of Youth Protection Rules apply? As an ASM there doesn't need to be another female over 21 present since she is an adult. BUT since Venturing leaders will be there, and she is a Venturer, would she be considered a Venturer, and need a female over 21 there?


Not trying to stir the pot, I just need to know about this. While I've dealt with male GASers, heck I was one way back when, and knwo how to deal with it, I've never dealt with this potential situation before.


Thanks in advance.



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Hmmm, IMHO:


Female in IOLs that is 18+ and is a BSA ASM... no problem with YPT since Scouter is an adult.


If said female was ONLY a Venture Scout, then probably need a female staffer since she is a youth participant.


But that's my initial guess.


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I'm thinking along the lines of Dg.....


She is 18, and a registered adult scouter, attending adult scouter training. I think she qualifies as an adult.


Understand the gray area of the Venture status, but that seems to be secondary in the case at hand.

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"Why would a Venturer take IOLS?"


Because they can. Or because they want to improve their outdoor instructional skills. Pick one.


From the October 2010 training update: "If you feel you have all the skills required in Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills it may not be necessary to take the course. Anyone who feels they can demonstrate all of the skills for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class should contact their District Training Chair and schedule a one-on-one session with a member of the training team. This statement also applies to Venturing Youth (over 18 years of age) who are able to demonstrate outdoor leader skills to an IOLS Certified Course Instructor." [emphasis added]




To answer E92's question, I'd agree with Oak Tree.

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"Why would a Venturer take IOLS?"


Because if the Venturing unit has an outdoor program then it is a required course..




Youth Protection (Venturing Version)* (EL)

This is Scouting (EL)

Leader Specific (by position)

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills** ***


** Crews with outdoor programs only

*** Not required for committee positions


This comes from a PDF on Scouting.org in their training area.




Yeah, my district & council doesn't pay attention to this required Venturing training either.. I have mentioned it a few times people just shrug..

(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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She is taking a training for adult leaders, as an adult leader (ASM). It does not matter what kind of other adult leaders will also be attending the training.


Youth protection rules would only apply if she was attending as a Venturing youth.



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The young lady is a Venturing youth, so it is not required for her to take it for any needs of her crew. That said, I would be thrilled to have a IOLS trained youth in my crew. I would ask her to throw the gauntlet down to other venturing leaders.


Because IOLS is for leaders and she's doing this for her troop, she doesn't need a chaperon of the same sex. However, depending on the maturity of the individual (or the immaturity of the other students), you may want to ask around if there is another female adult willing to take the course.


You may or may not know your district's volunteers well enough to discern that. But encouraging more female adults to take IOLS is never a bad idea.(This message has been edited by qwazse)

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Thank you one and all. I think she has the maturity to handle it without another female present. But I wanted to make sure about YPT/VYPT


One thing I did not mention, as I did not want it to influence the discussion, is that I am trying to get her dad to staff the course.

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