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Getting your committee into VLST

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Okay, most crews are dysfunctional in a lotta ways. Most of those are for the officers to fix. And, really, I've found my youth do a pretty good job about working around each other's (and my) shortcomings.


But as you know the thorn in my side are otherwise competent MC's who are never available to get VLST. There are some external factors that drive this (e.g. in this economy everyone is pulling double shifts, council cancelled one opportunity), but the bottom line is they don't see the need. They're fine with it being mandatory for me and my co-advisor, but I feel that when we meet, we're not always playing from the same book. (BP's example of folks wanting the crew to act like a troop comes to mind.)


Also the fact that getting 3 adults trained is on my Woodbadge ticket goads me something fierce. But forget the beads, it's all about the kids! ;)


Is this your experience?


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You CAN provide opportunity/training...

You CAN implement the opportunity plan/training...

You CAN present the need for training (and get youth/parents/COR informed)

and advocate dropping untrained members from the unit ....


these items are a plan which tasks your leadership.


"getting 3 adults trained is on my Woodbadge ticket"


Is not something you can MAKE happen, and is likely to be a poorly managed ticket item (if that's the wording on the ticket)..


In the new Crew my youth-son serves on, all adult positions agree to get/be trained before the recharter (or they weren't rechartered). The youth got their training as well before the 1st recharter. Who encouraged it to happen... the youth members made it a priority for both youth and adult.

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If they have time to attend meetings, they have time to attend training.


VLST is only 5 hours long. Its made up of 5 sessions. Its does have to be presented all at once. It could be presented in 5 parts over several weeks.


Try speaking with your training people in the district. Prehaps they can allow you or one of your assistants to present a session a week for your MCs.



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dg - don't worry. I worded the ticket so that the measurable part of the goal was the invitations I sent and the RSVP's from my adults. That they RSVP's were negative is an irritant. Like I said, it's not about the beads!


I'll bring this up with the youth.


emb - they don't have time to attend meetings. Committee hasn't met in a hare's age. Yes, there is history here. (Which I won't bring up with you ... or the youth!) I was hoping that I could get some trained adults from whom to select a new CC.


But maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse.

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