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The Summit Bechtel Reserve Video - Humorous Side

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Fellow Venturers and Scouters,




Some of you may have already seen this video. I just watched a video on the Summit Bechtel Reserve, with a few comments about 2013 Jamboree and Venturers attending as Jamboree participants. Thanks to the many contributors and the Bechtel family. It does look exciting!


Ft AP Hill was great, but it seemed decentralized with a large circle loop, any campuses seperated by a few miles. I understand "The Summit" being a permanent Scout site and developed by BSA, will be like a village with many more crossroads than AP Hill. The walking distance will be much shorter and a Scout can get to events, without having to wait an hour to take the bus. Also, I've heard "The Summit" altitude is a few hundred feet above Ft AP Hill, so hopefully the Jamboree August heat index will be a little cooler. I enjoyed AP Hill and thankful to the US Army, but I look forward to "The Summit" even more.


Years ago, it was fun to receive the annual BSA catalog, and tear thru it looking at all the cool gadgets. Then noticing the professional models, not wearing the BSA uniform correctly. Yeah, it was fun nitpicking and laughing at the catalog as a Uniform Police. Now back to The Summit video.


When a Scout/Venturer watches the video, it creates some excitement. I mean, Hey, Im excited for 2013. Mountain biking, rappelling, rafting, hiking, and base jumping. Yep.. Base Jumping at :41 seconds, sponsored by Marti Gras Casino and Resorts.



On the humorous side. I can see myself explaining to my Venturers something like this:


No! For the hundredth time, We CANNOT go to the casino and use the souvenir "2013 Jamboree playing cards". NO! We definitely are NOT base jumping during the jamboree! DO NOT even go there about Marti Gras and camping at the Resort! No, No, No. But, hey, we can white water raft fellas!


Im glad BSA puts out professional videos like this. Though they may really need to edit and critique it before wide dissemination. Great video, I enjoy the humor of a split-second of excitement, but I may need to fast-forward it a few seconds at Roundtable and Venturing events!


Scouting Forever and Venture On!


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