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Crew meeting at Roundtable

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I just heard that we have a new crew ready to charter.


I contacted the Advisor asking some basic questions about the unit.


One of the questions was Where/when are you meeting?


His response was he was planning on meeting once a month at Roundtable.


There is a room in the back where roundtable meets that we do use on occasion but most of the time is empty.


I was discussing this with one of the ADCs and he liked the idea.


As DC I think this is not a good idea. Its not what roundtable is for.


I am wondering what anyone elses opinion is on this.


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Have to think its also a bad idea.


For Venturing, Roundtables should be attended by both the adults and the youth. How can they attend Venturing Roundtable if they are having a meeting.


And once a month doesn't sound like a good idea. Either weekly or bi-weekly are the way to go.

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As always, this depends on the leadership structure of the crew. It's a rare night that I can get all of my officers in the same room at the same time! If roundtable night would work best for them I'd encourage it. (It wouldn't, so I don't.)


Likewise, we attempt to meet twice a month, but from August - November that's also an impossiblity (durn championship athletes who also make great officers). The best we can do is offer one "meeting" and one "social" activity (campfire, kayaking afternoon, service project) each month.


So, leverage the situation as best you can. Drop in on the youth for a minute and say "Hi." Let them know they have the privelage of immediate access to dozen's of scouters and encourage a couple of them to take a rotation sitting in on roundtable each month! Obviously if you have a district Venturing Roundtable, delegate it to those youth.


If this is in fact a situation of convienence for the crew advisor, and the youth really don't want to be bumping against all those adults, they'll get him to change the date pretty quick.


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Sounds like his CO isn't holding up its end of the deal by providing a meeting place.


Somehow I'm getting the sense that this Crew is kind of a ad hoc, tossed together, parents on the Committee kind of Crew that hasn't got a home of it's own. I'd say go ahead and have your monthly meeting, this Crew probably won't last but a couple of months anyway.





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