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Handmade Crew Flag

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If you all haven't seen my recent replies on posts, the crew I advise has been slow in adopting a uniform, but ...


After seeing another crew and their flag at a community gathering, a youth took it upon herself to sew us a crew flag. She's using the standard venturing unit flag as a pattern, and from what I was permitted to see so far, it looks pretty sharp.


Now, the crew's not dirt poor. (She should know this, she's the treasurer.) We could buy a flag, but I'm always a fan of anything handmade, and she took up her first day of summer break getting started sewing. So I'm inclined to have the president move to adopt her handiwork as our official flag.


Does anyone have any suggestions for any thing else formal that I could do in recognition? (Remember, this is a no-pomp-and-circumstance outfit, so forget any hour long dedication ceremonies.)


Any controversies?

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