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Venturing recognition

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I have a few questions on particularly the venturing Gold and Silver awards. Having included as a part of my WB ticket, the idea of transitioning the recognition, in my daughters crew, from what I consider the control of the adults in the crew, over to the youth of the crew, to incorporate into their program or personal pursuit of these medals, I am curious how other crews deal with what is considered enough effort to successfully complete a venturing board of review for these 2 medals? Is it acceptable to have a more motivated youth be required to do more work, beyond that which a less motivated youth is being allowed to do, just so that youth can be successful? The forms are not complete and only give examples from some of the requirements, which is unfortunate, when the others are in need of better examples, as well. Are there any sources for additional information to help support what is proper work, and when is it being made excessive, to pile on for a more inspired venturer, which I believe is potentially going to prevent them from completing the work, because of college. As you can probably tell, this is not hypothetical in my case.

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