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First ever National Venturing Event announcement

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"Actually how about a weeklong Venturing Rendevous (or Moot, whatever is the proper term) in the years between NOAC and Jambos?"


Actually, many of us have tried to get something going for many years with little success, in no small part due to no help from National. With the recent shakeup at National, that makes even more difficult.


Its difficult to even get area or regional events happening, which why many such events are really just council-run events 'blessed' as area/regional events. (Winterfest, for instance, is run by the NE Georgia council, NOT the region).


I am hoping that with the new Jamboree site that doing a National Venturing event (whatever it may be called) would be easier. When several of us tried to get something going a few years back, working out a venue was a major hurdle.


(Moots, btw, are Rover events, for those 18-25. I personally don't feel that's an appropriate term for a venturing event. I do prefer the term 'rendezvous', as Explorers use that term back in the 50s, along with 'encampment'.)


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I used the term RENDEVOUS b/c, in doing some research for the banquet, i found several Exploring events named that. I suggested MOOT b/c that appears to eb the worldwide term for the older scouting program. (caps are not shouting, but pointing out the term used)


Another idea would be to alternate the national Venturing event, whatever you want to call it, with the World Moot, like they do with World and National Jambos.


If I am not mistaken Keith Christopher has something to do with Venturing at national. Maybe someone can put a bug in his ear as I know he is pro Venturing?

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The word is Rendezvous. I, too, like the term because as I noted, it was used a lot in the 1950s for Explorer events (instead of 'camporee').


A moot is the gathering of Rovers. Rovers are actually the NEXT section after Venture/venturing. Venturing is the equivalant to programs for the 14/15-18 year olds. Rovers (that term isn't always used) is the next section for those 18-25. Hence, I'm not too keen on its use in Venturing (I'd like to see Rovers brought back in the US).



There was a major re-org at National last year, with a further shake recently. All the program divisions were killed off, along with the volunteer committees. So there is no one focused on venturing at the national level, either on the pro side or the volunteer side. The 3 pros who were the Venturing division are all in different groups. Keith Christopher is not involved with Venturing. He's part of the National Events group, and is the "National Sea Scout Director" (ie the pro overseeing the Sea Scout program).

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