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Ceremony ideas for Ranger Award

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I'm not that familiar with the Venturing program. There are maybe 4 crews in our district. At our district roundtable last night, the associate adviser for one of those crews spoke to me. He's a bit frustrated with a lack of information on suggested ceremony ideas for the Ranger Award. You see, one of his Venture Crew members has achieved this award. Furthermore, she's not only the first one to do so in our district, she's the very first in the council, and apparently only the second one in the entire state. There are going to be council big wigs at the ceremony as a result. However, he can't find any ceremony resources for this award (maybe he's doing the wrong net searches?) that he can present to this crew member to provide guidance/advice on what her ceremony should entail. The adviser is also a scoutmaster, but doesn't want to just give her a bunch of Eagle Scout ceremonies as suggested starting points.


Any suggestions/pointers I can forward to this adviser would be greatly appreciated.

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I've not seen such a ceremony myself, but the first thing that sparks to mind is holding an outdoors ceremony, if the weather suits.


Personalize it as well. If the Ranger did a lot of the tabletop display options for the teaching requirement, put those out for people to see. If she taught Cub Scouts how to do certain skills, make sure the Cubs are present.


Ranger is a skills-based award, so perhaps a demonstration might be appropriate as part of the ceremony.

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The Venturinglist on Yahoo Groups has several ceremonies in their files area, including one or two for Ranger.


If this advisor is not on this list, he's missing the major source of Venturing info out there. Does he not also check out the National Cabinet site and other Venturing sites out there?



BTW, its "Venturing Crew", not "Venture Crew".

Please also keep in mind that the Ranger Award is just one of the expert awards of Venturing. Venturing Silver is the highest Venturing Award, and is an award that all Venturers should be encouraged to earn.


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Silver Award Ceremonies and associate Venturing Awards like the Ranger Award are still fairly recent when compared with Eagle Scout Award and Ceremonies. There are many Eagle Scout Rank webpages, resources, ceremonies and recognition gifts that can be found. But not many Venturing ceremonies can be found online.


CNYScouter gave you one link to a ceremony on the National Venturing Youth Cabinet webpage (I believe there were about 2 or 3 more Ranger ceremonies on that page). They are good resources!


To follow CNYScouters idea. My advice and request to pass on, since we are here to share ideas.


From the webpage, contact the National Venturing President Matthew M., and your Northeast Regional Venturing President Amy C., and Cabinet Webpage Advisor Craig Murray. Ask if they have any additional Ranger Ceremonies that you may request.


Or, if in your local Council you create a pretty good script for a Ranger ceremony, share it, and offer your new script back to the region and national officers, to be posted on their website.


For gifts, maybe a black powder powderhorn, a leather haversack, a new GPS or a brass compass, a helmet for either rafting, ROPE/climbing, or biking.


Congrats to Rangers in your district!


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv(This message has been edited by Crew21_Adv)

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