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OT, Why not Venturing?

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"but hey as least they have an official uniform *nudging Venturing* I've always been a fan of Scout uniforms."


Uh, Venturing DOES have an official uniform.


Its the spruce green shirt with loops & insignia, and charcoal gray pants or shorts. If you check out the National Venturing cabinet, all the members wear it.


We just don't MANDATE that crews use this. But in my experience, most crews do use it, at least for their formal uniform.


When you're out doing outdoor activities, its not usually worn. But then boy scouts do the same thing.

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I admire your concern about the long-term viability of your crew. I think the key to success is an advisor with a similar commitment. Sounds you want your crew to be outdoors (like mine) and like a spiffy, nationally supplied, uniform (not like mine). So, you're going to want an advisor with a similar interest (and maybe some kids to feed into the program) and a committee of adults to support you and about 5 other youth in getting it started.


Talk to your parents and other scouting adult leaders to see if they know of anyone who might fit the description.


Best of luck!

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As to the BSA going co-ed...


I have no idea where that is going. As I understand it, the GSUSA was upset when the BSA accepted girls into Exploring back in the 70s. The BSA does have a partnership with the American Heritage Girls, one of the more successful breakaway Scouting organizations.







Ed Palmer

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"However, I think using the official uniform would be a great way to promote Venturing since it's so new."


This is why I and others always wear the Venturing uniform at scouting events.


And at 11 years, Venturing isn't that new. Especially as its a continuation of the Exploring program that dates back to the 1930s and went co-ed in 1971...

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True, 11 years isn't that new, but I think that people definitely don't know much about it. Even our Council is rather iffy about starting one because they frankly, have no clue what to do with Venturing :p Sea Scouting in Nebraska? How does that work haha?

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Which Platte River? :D


THE Platte River is part of the Missouri/Mississippi system has its origins in the Rockies, with two tributary rivers having confluence at North Platte.


The Platte River of Missouri forms near Creston IA, and eventually drains to the Missouri River just south of Farley, MO. I drive across that one daily.


There are also Platte Rivers in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota.


No Platte River runs through the land of the Jay Hawkers and Red Legs, Kansas.



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