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Venturing leader training

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I have been asked to step in and do a Venturing leader specific training... this weekend. Does anyone have the trainer sylabus in electronic format? I guess I'm trying not to have to scan one, just to send it out to a few other leaders to ask for some assistance.



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Yes. I have scans of the document, along with ppts you can use.


There may be some on-line sources for this, but not certain where. The US Scouting Service Project has the PPT, but not the PDFs.


PM me with your address and I'll shoot it over to you.

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I think they have the entire session going from 8:30am to 1pm, but that has to include a lunch break, but maybe not. When I took it, back in 06, it was nowhere close to being that long, but then our council is not as supportive of Venturing as it could be. I have 3 adults, and the VOA President, but just got the materials today. I just needed to know if this was current, hence my post here. Thanks very much.

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kahits and Fellow Venturers,




emb021 has probably sent to you, so this is more for reference, for future Venturing Trainers.


Every so often, new training team members get invited onto their respective training team, and there are sometimes limited training syllabus handbooks and roundtable planning guides in the councils or districts.


Fortunately, some councils put training material online.

Chief Seattle Council has a large (online) library of training syllabi, that I've referred a few local fellow Scouters and Trainers to.




Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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"When I took it, back in 06, it was nowhere close to being that long, but then our council is not as supportive of Venturing as it could be."


When VLST was first rolled out, it was 4 hours. It was later expanded to 5 hours.


As I noted, there are 5 sessions. I am actually in charge of VLST for 2 councils in October, so this is a course I am very familiar with and am currently lining up my trainers.


The course has as yet to be updated. SOOOO, you will need to update things yourself. This is what I add:


* in Advancement, I speak of the Quest and Trust awards. Also make sure adults are aware of the Scouter's Key and Scouters Training Award. And that all are aware of the Council Venturing Leadership Award. (none of this is in the standard slides)


* Training. I get a lot of questions about training (what's out there for youth and adults, what do I take next, etc). So I have done this as an informal session, and will probably create a PPT that others can use.


For youth, I make sure people are aware of Crew Officer Orientation, VLSC, Kodiak, Kodiak-X, Mentoring Others (not yet released :( ) and the new National Youth Leadership Society (nomination form is now out: bin #512-354). There is a nice Kodiak/Kodiak-X presentation on the Kodiak site I have used for that. Not sure if I'll use it or not this time.


For adults, I make sure people understand what courses they need to be 'basic trained', and about on-line training. And tell them about Powder Horn, Philmont Training Center & Florida Sea Base courses, as well as Kodiak/Kodiak-X CDC. Since I try to cover the training awards as part of advancement, I don't mention it here.



I make sure to bring out all my displays of awards, insignia, manuals and such, as many aren't aware of what's out there. And be sure to have handouts for the training awards, VLA, etc.


Use this course to also talk up your VOA and any upcoming events in your council. You always have adults at these training events who aren't 'plugged in' with what's going on in your council.


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