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Starting a new crew

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The item may have been hashed out before but if you are truly interested in helping kids and are into Venturing, I suggest the following:


Go to Council and get info on Venturing

Go to council and get a calander

Go to council and get registered

Go online and get the basic training done on-line

Attend training

Attend some Venture Meetings


After that, you might be ready to decide if you want to start one. There is a lot involved, more than finding a sponsoring organization.


Good luck. I hope you truly want to do this for others.





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You don't really give enough information to be able to offer a meaningful opinion. Would I start a crew? Yes, I would. But my situation will be different from yours. There's a lot to consider. Do you have the time? The knowledge? The kids? Enough adult support? Support from your spouse? Etc.


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You've received excellent advice already.


It sounds like your friends want to start the Crew and has looked to you for help. But in your earlier post you describe yourself as currently an ACM with your pack.


In starting a new crew, I would imagine it needs a few ingredients. Just some of the basics needed. The youth that desire a Venturing program (at least pursuing one of the five bronze awards). Also adults to advise them with similar goals, and finally a similar viewed chartering organization with a meeting location.


A couple of things I would do if I were an ACM with son(s) in the Pack, but helping out a Scouting buddy create a new crew.


First) I would seek out a mentor, Commissioners are good, DEs are good, but I would go looking for another Crew Advisor in the district, neighboring district, or (if needed) in the next council. Someone that has advised a crew and liaison with COR, DEs, Committees, parents and youth. Essentially someone that has been there, done that and can comment on the highlights and pitfalls of starting a crew.


Second) When the Crew begins, I would register as a Crew Committee member. My own Crew21_Adv views, in order to have a successful crew, the majority adult leaders would need a personal vested interest in the Crew. Such as, having their own teenager in the crew; learning, having fun, and working on Bronze, Gold and Silver.


I would expect that any fellow Scouter and ACM would have an interest in seeing other youth learn and succeed, but an ACM would not have much at stake or nothing to lose if a Crew collapses.


So my advice is to register as a committee member, help out somewhat, advise and meet with some teenagers and young adults, but allow other parents of teenagers to launch a crew.


Good Luck!


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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