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Powderhorn/adult leader training

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My daughter informed me that she would like to Join venturing when she is of age in a couple of years and she wants me to be her leader like I was for her brother. So in preparation of this......I was signing up for the councils Powderhorn training.....


I have been thru the BSA Cub, Weeb and Boy scout training for the Son


So what is involved?? It looks to be over a couple of weekends.






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Keep in mind that Powder Horn is NOT basic training to be an adult Venturing leader. That's Venturing Leader Specific Training, which is 5 hours long.


The purpose of Powder Horn is a High Adventure Resources Course. Its to give adult leaders (venturing & boy scout) exposure to the resources they would need to deliver a high adventure program for their troop & crew and support Venturers in earning Ranger. (the website will have full info on this)


So, unless you daughter is joining a crew that is high adventure and the venturers want to earn Ranger, you may want to think about whether to take PH. Not saying you shouldn't take it, but take it for the right reasons.


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Well, son backpacked with the wife and I since before he was a cub scout and both kids have grown up in the outdoors. Maybe I don't need it.



I hope that the son and daughter both earn the Ranger, but that is up to them. There are a number of venture crews in the area, She has some girl friends she met at roundtables and other scouting functions who are also joining venturing and they want to join the same group. Neat.

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In 2007, I was the scoutmaster for my troop. I took Powder Horn on a recommendation from a friend who was involved in the program. I had been involved as a troop leader for many years and my son had already made Eagle and left. I figured it would help me with my troop program.


I went to the training and was amazed how much fun it was. I got to do things I had not considered in the scouting program!


I ended up using the training (and other training) to start a Venturing Crew. Lucky for me, the youth chose high adventure as a focus of their activities, so the training and experience was quite relevant. Plus, more than half of my crew has now been to Kodiak (similar to Powder Horn, but for the youth) so the relevance of Powder Horn continues. For me, Powder Horn helped start me on a new scouting path and we have a very successful co-ed Venturing Crew as a result. Everyone benefits!


In our council, Powder Horn has been put on sporadically, but typically involves a water weekend and a weekend in the mountains. The water weekend was canoeing, kayaking, small boat sailing, scuba, etc. The mountain weekend was COPE, shooting sports (handgun, rifle and shotgun), backpacking and other fun outdoor activities. Take the training if you can...you won't regret it!

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