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Venturing Age Question

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I am thinking of joining Venturing, but I haven't finished 8th grade yet because my parents held me back in Kindergarten. I am just starting 8th grade now. I am 14, and I am already in Scouts with my Star rank. I just haven't been active for a while. Is it possible for me to still join Venturing even though I haven't finished 8th grade?

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You might want to catch up with your old troop (or transfer to a new one). See if you can advance to Life this year!


For certain crew events, I have allowed parents to come with 8th graders as guests. (For example, if we are at a state park, there'd be nothing I could do to keep you and your mom/dad from camping next to us anyway. You'd might as well be part of the company.) But, it's not the same as being a crew member (no chance to be an officer, skills can't count toward advancement, etc ...).

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