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Cardboard Boat Regatta at Camp Minsi

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Couldn't get the link to work.

But I have in my minds eye a picture of you standing in a boat made of cardboard, looking very much as George Washington did when he was crossing the Delaware.

Of course in the light of recent threads, you are wearing every bead, knot and dingle-dangle that there is and has ever been.

Glad you all had a good time.


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lets try




If this doesnt work, copy the line and put it in your browser



As the saying goes, I didnt have a horse, or boat, in the race. Then again, I was the event chair and spent my time on the boat dock getting the boats in the water and cheering them on. They had to go out about 100 yards, turn around a buoy and come back and touch the dock. It was Area 5, Northeast region's event


I wore the event t-Shirt at the regatta. In the afternoon, the Area 5 Venturing Committee was formed and I wore my Venturing Field uniform there. After dinner, Amy Clark, Northeast Region Venturing President assisted the youth in forming the Area 5 Ventring Officers Association. I was leading a Leaders Forum.


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Great pictures! How long did it take the crews to make the boats? Did they make and race on the same day? About how much cardboard and duct tape was needed per boat? Can you tell I'm thinking of adding this to an upcoming Raingutter Regatta as an Older Girl event??

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Google "Cardboard Boat Regatta" and you will get plenty of information of different events, building tips, etc.


You can't build these in a day, and thats the point. The Regatta is more than the day of the race, its the planning, where to get the cardboard, where to build it, how do we build it and get it to the race, what do we do with it after the race. Its about who decides what shape it will take, what color? we had awards for the best theme, best decorated and best over all time. It is a huge team building excerise disguised as fun and its a blast. How far from Chester SC are you?

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