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Silver loops for Venturer

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I think BadenP is misdirecting. He's thinking of those who are, for lack of a better term, "addicted" to scouting for a variety of reasons, usually the uniform, bhutting in where they shouldn't. If that's the case, I agree 100%, esp. if they are not registered.


But for those who do register, I think a uni is good.


Now why do we do it. I know I grew up in a troop with uniform culture. You wear POR that you are serving in to set the example. If you have another shirt, go ahead and make it into a shirt for your second POR.


Now two very good friends of mine did the velcro thing. One had the unit number and POR patches attached to velcro sinced he served as a CM with one unit, ASM for another, and on the DisCom. He held those PORs not because of ego, but b/c the district was having challenges and he stepped up to the plate. SO he had to switch unit numbers, PORs, and loops. The other guy was a WL and SM for the same CO, so he just switched out loops and PORs One grew up in atroop very similar tomine, the other is a Marine who believes in setting hte example.

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I NEVER SAID NOT TO WEAR A UNIFORM!!!! At least read the posts before you criticize with innaccurate statements okay. what I said is that you do not need to have a seperate uniform for EVERY job you do in the BSA, and that some jobs do not even require one, such as a committee member for one or an executive board member for another. However there are those scouters who have a large collection of different uniforms 4-5 or more for jobs they don't even do anymore and love to show them off at every scouting function possible, these are those scouters who have never grown up and are living their childhood scouting fantasies as an adult. So I suggest you reread all the posts on this thread again and just maybe you might get it.

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Let's just put the yelling on hold for a second.


BadenP, I'm sorry if you feel your position has been misrepresented. But I read it just as BDPT00 did. Your statement -


"Why does a Chartering Rep or Committee Member even need to wear a uniform anyway, because he can? Most that do it is for ego boosting since they have no direct contact with the boys anyway, but it really is plain silly."


- I certainly read that as meaning that you believed that some people indeed shouldn't wear the uniform, making "direct contact" a requirement for wearing it.


What did you mean to say?

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My posts speak plainly enough and taking one line out of context does not change that fact. The committee member, for one, does not need to wear a uniform to perform their behind the scenes functions, and while they can technically wear one because there is a "PATCH" for the position, the uniform in this case is nothing more than a self ego booster for attending an adult meeting once a month, not even working with the kids. Why on earth does that person need to wear a uniform except to call attention to themselves.

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With all the complaints about the uniforms and how no one wants to wear them anymore, I'd hardly call it an ego boost.


Let's not make assumptions. They might be doing more than just one committee meeting a month. It would be appropriate to wear the uniform to boards of review, courts of honor, district awards banquets, council dinners, woodbadge reunion dinners, Order of the Arrow functions, etc.


Or maybe they do it because the boys (or even adults) do see it and want to encourage proper uniforming.


Again, let's not make assumptions and generalizations. You may be right about some, but not with a blanket statement like that.


ASS-U-ME and all that jazz.


(This message has been edited by nolesrule)

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