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Bronze Outdoor as a lead up to 2010 Philmont Trek

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I am interested in presenting to my officers the idea of working on the Bronze Outdoor as a lead up to our 2010 Philmont Trek- we are trying to set our typical monthly schedule as 1)officers meeting 2)instructional meeting 3)fun meeting 4)monthly high adventure event


Any suggestions or comments?

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If your crew members personal outdoor experiences have been limited that would be a great idea, but then again most Philmont Treks really are not for novices to the outdoors. It sounds like your crew is high adventure however so topics like LNT, wilderness first aid, and others would be appropriate. The Bronze award in Outdoors for the most part is pretty basic stuff, but it is the lead in to the Ranger Award which would be a worthwhile goal for your crew. In any case remember it is the crews decision, we are Advisors not Scoutmasters, and have a great time at Philmont. I loved Philmont every time I have been there and I know you and your crew will to.

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