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Venturing at Scouting University

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I am lookng for ideas for classes for Venturing Leaders for Scouting University in Nov.


We will be offering Venturing Leader Specific for new leaders but we are looking for ideas that would interest Adults that already taken VLST or for Venturing youth.


I would love to offer some type of cooking but the school where this is held will not allow us to cook or even to serve food unless it is prepackaged (like cookies, cans of soda, etc.)


What type of Venturing courses have you seen offered at your Scouting Universties? (and seemed to work really well)

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We have had Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Cooking, How to run a co-ed crew, Class on Ranger, Quest, and Trust Awards, Kodiak, VLSC, to name but a few. Any class that focuses in greater detail on any aspect of Venturing only touched on in Basic usually attracts a lot of interest.

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I think a good training would be "Youth to Adult Transitions." I've never seen this offered at mine, but I think it would be a good one to have. I personally know a few scout leaders (including myself) that aged out of the venturing program and are now adult leaders. This could also be done for the Boy Scout side also.

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these are some of the suggestins we have for our next U of S


Youth Protection for Venturing

Youth Progrection for Adults

Safe Swim Defense for Youth

Safety Afloat for Youth

Forum Class, how to form,

Working with Teens


Local Caving Grotto

Organizing a new Crew

Service ideas for Crews

How to hold an open house

Road Rallies made easy


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our UOS had some youth from a crew do a class on "venturing from the youth perspective" that was enlightening. another class that was offered was "Venturing awards & recognitions" unfortunately both classes were at the same time so I didn't go to that one, but a couple of the other venturing leaders that did said it was really good.

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