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Ancient Mariner Regatta

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The Ancient Mariner Regatta (AMR) this past weekend was awesome. Our regatta team was a combined crew from three ships. We had the entire Sea Hawk crew of two there, the Sea Witch brought four, and the Whisper brought eight people. We went to most of the events, and did really well in the Ship swimming, and the practical part of the sailing event. On the ship swimming we managed to get in to the Schooner class, and we scored the full 100 points on the practical part of the sailing event, I think that that was due to the beautiful landing that I made. We slid up and just kissed the dock, and we stopped with the fairlead that the bow line was attached to right next to the cleat that we needed to tie up to.


We were planning on just doing a training session for the pulling boat races, but we got there late so we had to either do the event for real, or not do it at all. Luckily we were up against a crew who knew even less about what to do than we did, and we crossed the finish line first.


We showed fantastic spirit on the rope climb event, that was helped by the fact that one of the people climbing the rope made it to the top for his first ever time. Unfortunately this was his last AMR because he is moving away.


Needless to say, we had a fantastic time at the regatta, we learned all about the USS Hornet, had a couple encounters with the ghosts on board, and did better in that regatta then we did in any of the others this past regatta season. This regatta told us what we need to work on between now and next year, and I fully expect that next year we will place in a few of the events, and maby even earn the Schooner class for the entire regatta.

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Sounds like the AMR was as smashing an event as it has been for over half a century! The regatta I paticipated in as a youth (King Neptune Rendezvous) was based upon the AMR, and even looking at both the last KNR (2005) and the most recent AMRs, the similarity is obvious.


Keep up the hard work building up the ship. Rendezvous like these can easily be the foundation on which a unit really becomes a ship. Glad to hear that you combined resources with other ships to make it happen.

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It is kinda hard not to combine resources, the Sea witch and the whisper have been working together for several years, and half their officers were the Skipper of a ship that no longer exists. Then my skipper is also an officer for the Sea Witch, so we have all our meetings with them. A meeting with two scouts and a Skipper is kinda boring.

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