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Venturing Uniform?

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My BSA "almost-Life" Scout son (and his GS Cadet twin sister) has signed up to join the Venturing Crew forming at the CO of our Troop.


I know "uniforms" had come up at the information meeting they attended last night. I was in the toilet and couldn't go....really....I was replacing one.


My wife had dropped by the Scout Office to pick up a Venturing book.

She spoke to a "man" (who knows a "man" could be anyone from the SE, DE to the janitor) told her that they are discussing doing away with venturing uniforms and allowing them to use the new tan design with the green epaulets.


Any truth to that or is it just another "myth?"


Sounds ???, since the new Scout uniforms also use the subdued green epaulets.


The crew is not ready yet to discuss uniforms anyway, but it will come soon enough.

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Until something does happen, I would say its a myth.


The forest green shirt is fairly popular within Venturing. I don't see the value of getting rid of it in favor of the tan shirt.


One reason I don't like the idea, is that it would make Venturing largely invisible amoung all the tan-shirted troops and such. Two different shades of green loops doesn't stand out too well...

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1) Uniform is not a method of Venturing :)


2) Youth members may choose whatever works for a uniform.


3) Supply Corporation would like it if Crews bought the complete gray pants/green shirt uniform from them.


4) Those of EagleSons' Crew who do camp staff this summer will buy the BSA standard gray shorts. That is a condition of employment, but they'll get a 25% discount from retail.


5) The Crews' stated uniform gives latitude for Cabela's, Bass Pro, Columbia or REI pants/shorts at other times.

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Looks like the "man" my wife spoke to is our Camp Ranger. I have seen him in a Green Venturing shirt, so I think he is a crew adviser.


I think the new crew is leaning toward a "T-shirt" first.


As a dad, I would prefer my 14 y.o. daughter (looks 17+) have a shirt of some substance (i.e. button up green shirt), as she prefers her T-shirts tight, with one underneath pulled down over her hips (all her teen girl pals seem to wear them like this).


I gotta go find a TUMs, my ulcer (started 14 years ago) is acting up.





Troop 311 ASM

Venturing Crew 311 "finally just a dad"


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Sounds a wee bit silly, IMHO.


Unless National is going to change the program "nameplate" (the pocket strips that read "Boy Scouts of America," "Venturing B.S.A.") to one common name, you'd still have to produce and sell two types of shirts ... which would largely eliminate the convenience and cost savings for National.

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"not really, they could still have the Boy Scouts of America strip just like the CS uniforms."


Exactly my point - you go to a single strip and you gain all sorts of economies of scale by only producing one type of uniform. Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense.

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