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New Venturing Advisor, Crew Officers Briefing

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Hi all:


I am a current scoutmaster and just started a Venturing Crew. I cannot believe the interest...we already have 17 youth members! Our crew is a co-ed crew that is interested in high adventure. The youth have elected their first set of officers, and chose to elect them just for a two-month term to get us started, get the bylaws and other detail stuff done, and begin setting a calendar. The next election will be held in January and the Crew wants to work on six-month terms.


Since our Crew is new, we are starting from the ground up. I will be holding a Crew Officer's Briefing in a couple of days and am just starting to get into the planning of it, and also casting an eye toward a Crew Officers Seminar in the near future. In prep for this, I have attended Venturing Leader Specific Training and also attended a VLSC at our council.


Since everyone is new, including me, I am going to help the crew president run the briefing. I will probably be running most of it this first time to give them an idea how it could be run when it is their turn to try again in January. Since the program will be modified just a bit to accommodate a new program and provide some basic info on just what their positions do, I was wondering if anyone has a sample agenda they could send me for such a circumstance or share any other thoughts you might have on the briefing, seminar or other items.

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