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As President of my crew I want to get people interested in the crew! But is it bad to get people in other Venture crews intrested in my Venture!


It was an accident! I mean we were talking and he wanted to give mine a try...Can you be in more than one crew?

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It's good that you are actively doing recruitment for your crew. It's not necessarily a bad thing to have brought in someone from another crew, but remember one thing: every crew has its own personality and people choose crews based on the program and the attitudes of the Venturers. There are other factors that a person may want to change units, however he cant actively be registered in more than one crew. Theres no reason why he cant participate with your crew and others, in fact I would recommend crews to become active with each other in addition to council/district VOAs.



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I'll have to research the answer a little bit. I do know that Dale is correct in that a registered Venturer (regardless of which crew he's registered with) can participate freely with your crew.


I'll have to look up whether or not he can multiple between crews. I know it can't be done with troops, but am not sure with Crews.


I'll get back to you.



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