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There is a Kodiak and Kodiak-X web site:



The Kodiak syllabus, item no. 34193, is available through council in a convient size and spiral bound.


On this site you can download a syllabus: March 2007 printing with Materials List update, Sept. 2007.


The Kodiak X syllabus, item no. 34106, is restricted because the course is offered only by councils and can only be ordered by a council.


There is also a Kodiak/Kodiak X Course Director's Conference web page:


http://www.kodiakcdc-bsa.org/(This message has been edited by CNYScouter)

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If no one in your crew has gone thru the course, its really vital that someone have completed a CDC for it.


Just picking up a syllabus (any syllabus) and presenting it without having previously experienced it is not a good idea.


They are working to bring the CDC and Staff development training down to the area level, to make it available to more people.

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