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Venturing Leadership Award

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The Venturing Leadership Award is presented by councils, areas, regions, and the BSA National Council to Venturers and adults who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Venturing Code.


There's some scuttlebutt floating around the Sea Scout community that an old mutinous salty sea dog named Bob White has been awarded the Venturing Leadership Award. But, can you sail?

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I don't know about sailing.

I have heard he is great at Dish Washing and making sure that people in parachutes don't end up landing on Englishman's heads.


On a serious note Well Done.


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Keep in mind there are 3 levels of this award: council, region, and national.


Council recognizes those at the local level: unit, district, council. It has a blue & white ribbon.


Region recognizes those at the regional/area level. It has a green & white ribbon.


National recognizes those at the national level. It has a red & white ribbon.


There is one knot for this award. It has three background colors: green, red, blue, and you put a pin (either venturing or sea scout) in the background color to indicate which VLA(s) you have received.


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Thank you, yes, a fellow Mate and I were recognized by our council recently with this recognition. It was a very unexpected and kind gesture and a very nice dinner with friends. I think the best part was that after over 30 years as an adult volunteer this was the first time my mother was able to attend one of my scouting events.


As for my sailing abilities I am happy to say that the scouts in the Ship I serve are progressing much faster than ANY of the adults when it comes to our seamanship skills. Mainly because they get far more practice at it then we do.


I would not want it any other way.



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"I have never seen this web site but it looks like its BSAs. I noticed a change in the venturing leadership award becoming a youth only award? Have you herd of this?"


sadly true.


The National Venturing Pres has posted to very places this new policy. they had, in fact, dropped the National and Regional VLA a couple of years ago, and so brought them back with a new Area VLA.


I think it stinks, and there was a 'discussion' about this on Facebook. Sadly, several youth just didn't get it. Some foolishly think there are other awards out there that Venturing adults can get. Right. I know of many dedicated Venturing adults who will NOT get a DAM, Silver Beaver/Antelope/Buffalo, but would get a VLA (at there level). Now they will get nothing, as I doubt with the absence of a VLA they will get these other awards.




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I always looked at the VLA as a venturing specific award not to include other service in scouting but only venturing....Yeah there are other awards out there like a DAM SB etc....but I like the uniqueness of how the award went to both adults and youth.


BDPT, Personally I wouldnt use the same nomination for example a DAM and turn around and submit a similar write up for a VLA but thats just me and what the army has taught me when it comes to awards.



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Neither would I. (although I've seen it done)

What I'm referring to is gaining 2 or 3 awards for the same service. I've seen it for DAM, SB, and Vigil. Could just as easily include the Venturing award ... all for the same service.

Much less likely to happen in the service, of course, but it can happen. If I'm not mistaken, Alexander Haig received the DFC and the DSC for the same mission.

Do I mind? Not really, as long as others who are worthy also get recognized.


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"If they are worthy and nominated, they'll get the proper recognition. Now they'll get one award instead of two for the same service."


Maybe, maybe not. Most likely not.


Many Venturing leaders do a lot of great work and would probably get a VLA (whatever level), where they would be overlooked when it comes to giving out DAM and the Silver Critters.


So instead of getting something, they will get nothing.

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I like my VLA knot. And did wear the bling on one formal occasion. When I heard it was being phased out, I had my DE get a second knot for my scout uni. It's nice to have something that no other adults are getting.


But, a knot or nothing but a handshake ... either way I'm happy it isn't a plaque!

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"It's nice to have something that no other adults are getting."


Really gwazse you just typed that and think its something scoutlike to say? YOu in it for the bling or for a quality program for the youth?


I suspect BSA will not change the knot for a while. If anything a change might incorperate the gray Area award. But the knots are poor in quality. Craig Muray makes better knots http://www.sageventure.com/store/




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well, its too late to complain.


Sometime after this was announced, we finally got 'the rest of the story'.


Apparently this came from the National Committee. They gave an ultimatum to the National Youth Cabinet: either the VLA Awards become youth-only, or they go away entirely.


Well, I'd rather have them youth-only then totally gone, but I think the National Committee was wrong on this. As I've said before, there are many dedicated adults in venturing who, because they don't have high enough positions, will be more or less automatically overlooked for other adult awards like the DAM or Silver criters. For instance, a hard working and dedicated assistant advisor (be their crew, council, area or region) would have been a shoo-in for a VLA, but would be totally overlooked for a Silver critter.



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