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Council Venturing Youth Cabinet

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My son has asked me about getting our councils crews together for an event.

He has also asked about setting up a Council Venturing Youth Cabinet or Venturing Office's Association.

Is there a difference in these or is this just different names for the same thing?


A few years ago our council tried to hold Venturing Roundtables.

They werent very successful and stopped after a few months.

I did attend a couple of these and they were oriented towards Advisors and not Crew officers.

Back then there were very few Crews around and the District the Ship is in now has 12.


Where can I find information about setting these up?

I am pretty sure that I can get help from Council with this as our now Council Commissioner was the person who ran the Venturing Roundtables.


Also does anyone have suggestions on events that do well in drawing Venturing Crews?


In the past there just seems to be very little interest from the Crews in attending Venturing only events and perhaps we were just not offering the right event.


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Council venturing Youth Cabinet or Venturing Officers Association or Teen Leader Council. All different names for the same thing.


Get a copy of the latest edition of "Here's Venturing: A Guide to Implementing Venturing in a District and Council" #33466A. Has a whole chapter on VOAs, include sample bylaws, etc.


Venturing Roundtables, UNLIKE Cub Scout or Boy Scout RT, are to be oriented to BOTH Adults and Crew leaders. There is a whole book on the topic: "Venturing Roundtable Guide" #34342. We do it quartlerly, have adult/youth breakouts, and get a decent showing. Key is to make sure that 1) the crews know its happening, and 2) they have a reason to come!


Regarding your poor turn out at Venturing events. Uh, who is 'offering' the event? Make sure that the Venturers have a BIG say in the event in terms of planning, promotion, etc. If its just the adults doing what they think the kids want, you may not get a good turn out. If ifs the kids planning it out (get kids from around the council involved, rather then just one crew), you'll have a better turn out. Also, down here we see crews going to Venturing events in other councils all the time!! Check out other council Venturing events, and promote yours in other councils. Many times there aren't enought crews in a council to make things as successful as a Boy Scout Camporee, so get crews outside your council.


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