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Summer 2007 Problem- Maybe!

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I have to admit with things being as they are at home right now and Her Who Must Be Obeyed not being well. I have not really had my heart in things as much as maybe I should.

I did start looking at things to do and places to go next summer.

I really wanted to go to Florida Sea Base, but the Ship's Committee and a fair number of the Scouts said it would cost too much.

So far we have yet to master the fine art of fund raising (I was kinda hoping this would help get them thinking about it.) So I put Sea Base on the back burner.

The Ship will elect the new Quarterdeck during the first meeting in October. I thought it best if I didn't do very much until the new officers were in place.

I do however have several ideas, places, and programs that they could pick from, with alternatives for the Scouts who can't make the dates that the Ship decides upon.

We could book the NE-Region Training vessel and go for a long cruise. Ten days would cost about $225.00.

We could drive to North Carolina and do the The Sea Base US Sailing Course offered by The Pamlico Sea Base, the cost would be about $350.00 for a week.

We have a couple of Scouts who might get selected to attend SEAL and a couple who might be interested in attending the Advancement Camps (Camp Able) in Virginia.

One is returning to work as a Sea-pup at Camp Blue Heron in Georgia, where we went this year.

To be very honest I thought I was happy going any place they wanted to go, as long as it seemed to fit into the Sea Scouting program.


Our COR also serves as an ASM to a Troop. His two sons are in the Ship. The Troop is planning a trip to Assateague Island.

They have parents are staying at Ocean City Maryland. He is saying the cost would be about $75.00 for the week.

While I have nothing against Assateague Island. I know that the program the troop offers is less than poor. In fact we might as well camp in my back yard as travel any where to just live in a tent for a week. Having parents staying off site, but near by will only make things worse.

I'm certain that he and his sons will make a really good pitch for us to go there. I'm sure the parents will look at the cost and think that it's great. But I'd rather go to the dentist.

The trip as far as I'm concerned is more about the parents and some kind of family holiday, than anything to do with Sea Scouting.

I know that the Sea Scouts will be bored out of their minds by day two and I really don't want to go!!

Being as we are youth led I think I have to present this offer to the Ship.

But I do think I will tell them that there is no way that I'm going.

This will sound like sour grapes. But I have heard what this Troop gets up to when they go away. The high point seems to be visiting as many different Wal-marts as possible!!

The SM is a nice fellow, in fact he was my ASM for the 2001 Jambo. Sadly he couldn't plan a real summer camp program for a week if his life depended on it.

I'd be happy for them to join us and try and learn how to do things right!! But if we went we would be the guests.



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Big E


of course I have no answer for you, but it does show that good scouting is something that has to be worked at and unfortunately for all his being in your presence little of your Souting Karma has rub off onto this guy. How sad for the boys in the troop.


I will say though I feel relief that even someone as knowledgeable and as dedicated as you has these kinds of difficulties. This and ASM59's thread makes me realize I am not alone in my frustrations and that I can't force others to "get it"


We all know its a great program IF you do the program.


I'll light a candle for HWMBO.









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Thank You.

The Quarterdeck met tonight and they really didn't like the idea of going camping with dirt Scouts.

So it looks as if the storm will pass.

What was really strange was when I gave them the details, the first question our Yeoman asked was "Is this something that the Scouts came up with, or did it come from the adults?"

I know that I tend to go a little over the top when it comes to planning.

I like to see the plan all nice and neat. The fact that more often than not we make changes doesn't really bother me. At least we know what we hope to achieve and have some idea of how to go about it.

I'll admit to not always playing fair!!

Tonight I mentioned the Northeast Region Sailing competition and how nice it would be if we could enter a few teams next year.

That was long before they looked at US Sailing Course offered by The Pamlico Sea Base, and I managed to look a little surprised when someone mentioned that if we went there we might do better in the sailing competition!! Strange how these things happen!

I really should be a little upset with myself for ever doubting the Sea Scouts.

I know that they either like to be busy or sleep!!

Still they didn't decide where they want to go, they decided that they will bring back ideas to the next meeting.

My money is on North Carolina,but I'm willing to go where they want as long as we aren't going as the guests of another unit. Summer is my time to spend really getting to know these kids and I don't want anything getting in the way of that.


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Eamonn- you bet me to my comments.


Even in the short time the Ship has been together I have noticed that the Ship members usually come to the right conclusion.

What I mean by this is that the petty officers of the Ship saw that this trip wasnt for them and decided not to go.


Our Ship members wanted to attend the Sailing Championship this year. The IH and COR are both very experienced racers and are running the sailing activities fort eh ship.

They didnt think the youth was ready but did agree to work towards them attending.


After a couple of weeks of trying to sail around markers the youth in the ship decided that perhaps they needed more experience and put off going until next year.

They did make the correct decision with no input from the adults


I am really impressed over the statement "Is this something that the Scouts came up with, or did it come from the adults?". It really shows that you have Ship members that really understand the idea of what youth-led should be.


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