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“First Nighter” Activities – Plan B

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The Ship is having a First-nighter on Saturday.

The plan was to take potential Ship members sailing but the weather doesnt look its going to cooperate (high winds and rain is predicted) so I am looking for another activity for a Plan B.

We are doing this as an open house style from 10am-3pm.

The club does have indoor area just not a large area.


Any suggestions for a hands-on activity in case of rain?




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Take a look at the Sea Scout Manual for some indoor program ideas.


Setup a boat with good/bad safety examples, see if they get right.


Setup a sailboat, with challenge to correctly mark them.


Setup a knot board with interesting nautical knots.


Setup a 'kiddie pool' with radio controlled boats. Add to it with a boat safety challenge (setup markers, bouys in water, have to navigate it correctly).


Setup a 'skuttlebutt', a rope basket you haul people up in.


Also, have a display of Sea Scout literature, insignia, uniforms.


Maybe team up with CGA or USPS?


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While the ideas that emb021 has offered are very good. I don't think being that you are all brand new to Sea Scouting this is going to work. I don't think (I don't know??) as yet the skills are there. Then there is the equipment that would be needed.

For our first meeting we kept it to more of an informational meeting. We invited a old time Skipper to talk about what could be done.

I think maybe you need to come up with a really great activity for your first time out.

I was talking with a Skipper over the weekend and he said every September they do a recruiting drive and follow it with White Water Rafting. They use a outfitter and need no special equipment and while the new Scouts need no special skills, it provides enough excitement to hold the Scouts interest.



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Thanks to both of you for responding.


This weekend is more of a open house/signup than a meeting and although some of the suggestions are beyond my experiance right now I can use some of these and the others make great ideas for future meetings.


As the Club has boats setting up a sailboat/canoe/powerboat for saftey and to identify its parts we could do.

I also own a small R/C boat so that is a possiblity.

I found some PC sailing simulators that I may bring and set up depending on the weather.


As the Yacht club is located in a county park there is enough room to set up a short GPS course.


Eamonn - this is exactly what I had in mind for our first meeting.

Great minds do think alike!




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