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Mountain Man (Person) Rendezvous

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In our council we would like to do a Mountain Man Rendezvous, this will be a Venturing Rendezvous something like the Big Event that is done in Utah as a Varsity activity. We intend to do Black Powder Shooting, Archery, Dutch Oven Cookoff and such and we are also considering inviting Boy Scouts that are 14 years and older and in a Troop Venture Crew Patrol and Sea Scouts and Varsity Scouts. Anyone out there ever experience this kind of event and can you give me some advice as how to start this ?

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For the past 29 years, the White Buffalo District of the Quivira Council in Kansas has put on a Trappers Rendezvous during the third weekend of January. There are usually in excess of 4,000 in attendance. It is a sight to behold. Many Polar Bear patches are earned. You might try contacting their District Executive for information. His name is Dave Dennis and his number is 264-9415 ext. 240. His e-mail is ddennis@bsamail.org. The council website is www.quivira.org and there is a link to the White Buffalo district there.

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