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I have recruited people to sit on the ship committee and have filled out application for them.

I have recruited youth for the ship and have filled out Venturing applications for them to join the ship.


We have a first-nighter scheduled for next weekend. Flyers are ready to be sent out.


Whats the hold up? The CO has still not appointed a COR.


After a meeting with the IH in March, the DE and I attending a Club board meeting in April and the DE and I attending another Club meeting about the ship 2 weeks ago, where at each of these it was told to the Club that appointing a COR was one of it responsibilities, that something is not right.


I have been in contact with the club and they say they have someone for this position but I have yet to get a name or filled out application.


Am I being impatient?

As anyone else gone through this when starting up a new unit?


The council has been waiting for the ship to get its charter to send out flyers to prospective high-schoolers in the area.

I will need to call the DE and see if we can do this without having a charter in place.






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You can get a charter without a COR. If you do things "by the book", an institution decides they want to have a unit. They are given the charter by the council and then they go about recruiting a COR who in turn recruits a committee chair who recruits an SM/CM/CA and additional committee members. The CM/SM/CA recruits their additional help.


We started a troop during the summer of 04 that lasted about a year. A COR was selected by the CO, but we never ever saw the person and I'm not sure if we ever actually got her registered before the troop folded.

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My Council will not issue a charter for the ship without a COR with a filled out app.


However, my DE (and gee, its not that he has ever been wrong before) did say that the IH could be the COR and the COR is the only position that can be registered as another position in a unit. They can also be registered as the Committee Chair or Committee Member.

So to charter a unit you would still need 4 adults min. (Advisor/Skipper, 2 committee members, and a CC/COR/IH).


Perhaps someone was listed as a COR but you just never met them (been there before also)


As the COR need to be a member of the CO this is the only position I can not recruit for myself.


Tried going by the book.

IH said that they had people in the club willing to be COR and on the Ship Committee.


After all these meetings no one from the club had stepped forward so I went out and recruited people myself for the Committee from the parents of interested kids.


I have been talking about the ship starting up through e-mails and word of mouth but would like to get a flyer out.


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My thinking -For what it's worth!!

Slow Down!!

The Chartering Organization should be around long after you have gone.

It's their unit!!!

Trying to fill names on paper just to push the charter through will come back and bite you on the tail.

At the end of the day the more the CO feels that they have ownership and a stake in the Ship the more they will be willing to do for the Ship.


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Has anyone else gone thru this?


Yes. I have dealt with CO and IH's dragging their feet. Years ago, I have had similar experiences with an IH and community based organization. The organization continued to claim to have "their Scouts", or "their Venturers".


Along with myself, my DC, DE, and ocassionally the SE and Field Director would meet with this community organization, and offer the Scouting Program to them. After a year of meetings, the organization decided not to charter (but will use our literature in their own programs.... lol).


Now up to current days, and five years later, They still use the term "their Scouts" and "their Venturers". However, these actual Scouts that do live in the community, belong to other real Troops and Crews with actual Chartering Organizations.


Funny, but I don't think this Community Based Organization will ever learn.. lol


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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I couldn't agree more with the statement:

Trying to fill names on paper just to push the charter through will come back and bite you on the tail.


However the people I recruited for the committee want to be involved and do have a scouting background.

They were thrilled that I had asked them to be part of the ship.

I dropped off an adult application to them and within a few days they had actually drove to my house and dropped off their application.


As far as the CO goes. They have been around as a sailing club since 1885.

They have had multiple Sea Scout Ships in the past.

But once the person heading it up left (usually because their kids had aged out) they have dropped the ship as they couldn't find anyone to keep it going.


I also feel pressed to get this going as the ship will be sailing and here in the NE we have a very short time in which we can do this.

If the ship is not up and running by the time school is out that nothing will happen until Sept.

High School youth will have classes until the midlle of June and then start tests with graduation being the weekend of June 23-25.


As all the youth I have spoken with want to sail, waiting until Sept. to start there won't be much of an incentive to join the ship then.

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