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Your Favorite Comedy Movies

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"BTW, I think I follow the Disney thing but I don't know about the Levi-Strauss thing. What's that all about? "


Let's start with Levi-Struass being headquartered in San Francisco.

Levi's, expecially the button fly jeans are very popular among homosexuals (so says the Washington post)

Many Levi employees are homosexuals.


Levi-Strauss pulled their support of BSA a couple years ago to show support for the homosexual community.


Consequently, I don't buy Levis or Dockers. A couple years ago my son gave me a Docker's branded watch for my birthday so I smashed it with a hammer. Just kidding there but I did ask my wife how she could let him spend his money on that. I can't eat veal because she feels sorry for the calves but she doesn't support any of my boycotts.


I also won't spend any money on Spielberg (sp?) movies anymore. Need I say that my wife still goes and takes the kids?



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I hate to be the self-appointed thread monitor here, but hey guys, this is Open Discussion and not Issue and Politics. People who don't want to read about controversial issues are watching. The question was what movies you think are funny, not which movie production companies, directors and sponsors you find to be politically incorrect, and why.


Packsaddle, thank you for mentioning Galaxy Quest, I forgot about that one, it is very funny. I have it on tape and watch it now and then. But if we are going to talk about space movies, how about the Star Trek movie that (gently) spoofed Star Trek? Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is a legitimate comedy and has some very funny scenes. Admittedly, you have to be a Trek fan or at least familiar with the old series and/or movies to appreciate much of it. Otherwise, you would probably focus more on how bad Walter Koenig's Russian accent is than on the absolutely hilarious conversation between him and the two U.S. Navy intelligence guys (or whatever they are) on the nuclear sub after he is arrested. And, you wouldn't be quite sure why the spike-haired punk-rocker playing his music too loud on the bus, falls unconscious when Spock puts his hand on his shoulder. And, I suppose, the novelty of Kirk and Spock saying "damn" and other mild expletives every few minutes wouldn't seem so funny either.

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"It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"(finally on DVD) or it's modern knockoff, "Rat Race"

"What about Bob?"

"All of Me"

"Funny Farm"


I love Mel Brooks, Monte Python, John Candy, Robin Williams(This message has been edited by shemgren)

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NJCubScouter, You're right! I forgot about Star Trek IV...I even own a copy. The line that got me occurred on Earth when discussing the period literature, it went something like this: Kirk mentioned some of the period authors, among them Jaqueline Suzanne and (as I remember) Harold Robbins. Spock responded with reverence, "Ah, the classics." I nearly fell out of my chair. And the scene when Scottie tries to verbally address a classic Macintosh. I guess I am sort of a trekkie (My buddies and I saw all of the originals first time through and many times after) but that is why I especially like the Galaxy Quest fun-making.

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If I had to name ONE - I still stand by


Ground Hog Day


But if we're making short lists, ADD


French Kiss

The Ghost & Mr. Chicken (I'm with you slontwovvy - but I think we may be reliving our childhood on that one)

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The Great Outdoors

Heaven Can Wait

Mister Roberts

White Christmas (This is my, "wish I was born in that generation movie - I love Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye)

Christmas Story (A Classic!)

Maverick (My kids love this one)

What Women Want (My wife loves this one)

Joe v. the Volcano (My buddy loves this one)

Big Fat Greek Wedding

Bob Hope in just about anything...


This list can definitely grow depending on my mood -

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heres another for the Holy Grail and Doctor Strangelove




The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Dish

Hercules returns

The Castle

The Full Monty

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

anything by Steve Irwin (only one movie)

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I thought about Dr. Strangelove but I wasn't so sure about global destruction fitting with comedy...but I see your point, it was a great (but dark) comedy.

I DID forget another favorite - Men In Black (the first one). Even more recently, I thoroughly enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean (anti-Disney persons are missing a real treat). Although not strictly on the subject but a source of laughs for me, at least, I really liked The Little Mermaid (sorry, another Disney product). And I get lots of laughs at the boys' horrified reactions to this news. Moreover, they're speechless when I defend the Nintendo version as the best ever. I find that this ploy keeps them a little off balance giving me an occasional tactical advantage in the head games they keep trying. Great fun.

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Has anyone given thought to the fact that most actors are people that we wouldn't want as Scouters but yet we shovel money at them.


Drunks, drug users, adulters, philanderers, homosexuals, draft dodgers, etc.. There are good people in Hollywood but they are few and far between.



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Fat Old Guy, I've heard similar things said about San Francisco, New Orleans, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, OR...well, you get the idea. So maybe we should have listed Bedtime for Bonzo (not too certain about the chimp, though).(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Yeah, Uncle Buck was good. I really liked John Candy. I am a little surprised that absolutely no-one listed a Jerry Lewis film...not that I know one that stands out. I just expected someone else to mention him. OK, King of Comedy, supporting role.

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