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Your Favorite Comedy Movies

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In another thread a few classic movies came up. So today's question is....


What is your favorite comedy movies? I mean the ones that make you laugh, even after the 543rd viewing.


For me: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Blazing Saddles, Dumb and Dumber, Young Frankenstien, and Happy Gilmore.



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Just on a humorous note, and not to "start" anything in the Open Discussion topic, but I can't help but notice that most of the first few movies named take an interesting approach to, shall we say, moral role-modeling. Don't get me wrong, I love all of these movies with the exception of the two I have never gotten around to seeing, "Dumb and Dumber" and "Happy Gilmore." But here, for example, we have "Some Like It Hot," starring two men dressed as women, and "Victor Victoria" (which I realize LeVoy named mainly to be "cute," in which a majority (or close to it) of the characters seen onscreen during the movie are, shall we say, of an orientation that is much discussed in the Issue and Politics area, and the main character is a woman pretending to be a man (of that same orientation) who is a professional female impersonator.


To the movies already on the list I would add a somewhat lesser-known Mel Brooks movie, "High Anxiety" and any of a bunch of Woody Allen movies, starting with "Bananas." (Though for some reason they seem to show Woody Allen movies only on A&E these days.) And in a somewhat different direction, and probably something that I'd be more likely to want to show a group of Boy Scouts if that was the purpose of making the list, "Mister Roberts." I love that movie. I realize that it might be better classified as a comedy-drama and that the ending is not what one typically finds in comedies (which I won't spoil in case anyone hasn't gotten around to seeing it in the past 48 years.) But parts of it are very funny.

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LeVoy, I was just referring to the comment you made about getting in trouble in this forum. I love Victor/Victoria also, I have probably seen the whole thing 5 times or so in the movies or on tape, and probably parts of it a dozen more times on tv.


Along the same lines of getting in trouble in this forum, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen is The Birdcage.


Someone mentioned something animated before, so if we are counting that, Monsters, Inc. has to be put on the list, and not as a kids' movie. It ranks up there with the funniest movies. And on a more kid-oriented level, but still very funny to me, was The Emperor's New Groove.


Oh, and back to real-live movies, how could I have forgotten another very funny movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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understand, good to dodge a bullet every now and then...any who, I'll stick my neck out a wee bit more on some more that are a hoot...


The Meaning of Life

The Gods Must be Crazy

Pee Wee's Great Adventure

Bambi meets Godzilla


The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon me, But your Teeth are in my Neck


Harold and Maude

Robin Hood - Men in Tights

Pink Panter


and one that I was an extra in...


Attack of the Killer Tomatos

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Um, The Green Berets is a comedy? Not that I have ever actually seen it, but it is not a comedy!


It has been about 10 years since I saw Harold and Maude, but I would not have listed it as a comedy. The Internet Movie Database does list it as a comedy/romance/drama, but it does not fit easily into any category, because it is such a strange movie. But I guess since comedy is in there somewhere, it meets the requirements of the thread.


The Green Berets, though... What's next, Platoon?


By the way, the IMDB lists one of my choices, Mister Roberts, as comedy/drama/war, which certainly seems correct, but I think it is more of a comedy than Harold and Maude.


But of course, one "cult" movie leads to another, and I think in college once I saw these two as a double feature, the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, IMDB lists THAT one as a comedy/horror/musical/sci-fi, but since it's really a spoof of horror and sci-fi movies, I think it counts as a comedy. I'm not even counting what goes on in the audience, though I don't know if it is even shown in theatres anymore. All but two times I have ever seen it were in the privacy of my own living room.


And now, looking back, I can't believe I didn't mention The Producers -- the movie, not the musical that is now going back on Broadway (or maybe it didn't leave, but Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are coming back.) Thinking of comedy/musicals (though not musical comedies which is something else), like Rocky Horror, made me think of the Producers, although actually it only has one complete song and part of a second.

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