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Feeling My Age - And Getting Fat !!

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As I have posted before in this forum, I don't like winter and hate being cold.

I wasn't upset when the "Play in the snow" day planned for Seven Springs was postponed and the date was used for Cosmic Bowling!!

I haven't been bowling in years and had never been cosmic bowling.

It's great!! The bowling alley was full of young people, the lights were flashing, reminded me of them long gone Disco Days. The music was loud and the kids were having fun.

I think I was the oldest person in the place.

It didn't start till mid-night and we bowled until 3:00 AM then it was off to breakfast.

These Sea Scouts do a lot of eating.

I didn't get home till 5:30 AM and Rory thought that he needed a quick walk.

The guys brought two pals with them and they seemed to know all the other kids in the place, so we ended taking two extras to breakfast, both are interested in joining the Ship.

Right now I'm ready for a very long winters nap.

I have spent the last ten years or so making fun of my friends that bowl, but I had a great time. Heck even the music wasn't that bad.


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I nominate you for National Skipper of the Year (which I don't think exists but should). I wouldn't even think about staying up past midnite. You have certainly got what it takes! If you can't have more kids than you need with a waiting list, nobody could.


BTW, we can find a ship for you in Hawai'i if you really get tired of winter. :)


Bravo Zulu!(This message has been edited by Kahuna)

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