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Slowly But Surely Things Are On Track

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Here is an email I sent out today to our Crew Committee.


At the Vet's Day parade yesterday I made a few observations:


1 Little background.


I was scared that the crew was going downhill. The past attendance of the events were dismal in my book. Communications were not up to "my standards". And I felt that we would be going down the tubes. The Pres has been swamped with school, the crew, OA, and I felt that he was burning out.


He emailed earlier this week with an update of how many kids would be at the Parade and he stated he didn't have time call everyone. I sent the email back to him and state to use his officers to get the word out.


2. Communications


Parade day hits and we have about 8 kids. I thought to myself, "Great...the biggest event that the VFW wants us at and we have a dismal showing, guess the word didn't get out." As we were sitting around the VFW after the parade, the light bulb went on.


Yesterday morning I got an email from one of the kids saying she committed to the event, but couldn't make it due to a Dr appointment and work. I got a few phone calls from some of the kids asking what time we were starting. As we were having a bull session I noticed that the kids there knew what was going on with the others. Three were out of town, this person was at work, this kid's phone number was bad, (you get the picture).


To sum it up, it may be unconventional by our standards, but the word is getting out, and the kids are talking to each other. My best guess by the end of the day is that I knew where 20-25 of the youth were (at the parade, or other commitments). This is not including the 3 or so kids that are going to college out of the area.


Two of the kids reminded me of what I preached a few months ago, "If you can make it great, If you can't that's great".


3. Leadership traits


There are a few kids that are taking the lead, or taking an active behind the scenes part of the leadership equation.


The big "political" discussion was the Council Venturing Leadership Council. This group of youth are in charge of planning the Council Venturing events. One of our youth members plans on running for the head of this group, because he didn't like the direction it was headed. A lot of the kids are planning on attending the next meeting to make sure "their" candidate gets voted in. There was talk from a few others about running for the other offices.


The Kids were discussing the next few events...I guess you can call it planning. As unconventional as it looks, it seems to be working.


4. How can we help. Keep the fire of enthusiasm lit, and at times light a fire under them. I think the best bit of advise I gave this week, was for the Pres to use his officers. When you see these kids ask them how things are going. I think at the next general meeting, I 'll suggest we get away from sitting around a table and make more of a sit around the campfire. I think more things got accomplished yesterday with us sitting around, bouncing off ideas, and keeping it light hearted, then the 'board room" setting.


5. I feel a lot better about things and I think the next few months will be interesting to see what happens.




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Sounds like your crew is really coming together. Sometimes all it takes is a little time and patiences. The crew that I've been involved in has seen many changes in the last six years or so. We're gearing up for a new youth administration (only our third president) and as our new youth step up, several of our older youth leadership are turning twenty one and learning the new challenges of adult advisorship in the crew. Venturing keeps you on your toes and there is always something to be learning.

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