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Acorns & Crows.

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Pleased to report that all the paper work for the new Sea Scout Ship in now in the Council Office.

Thanks to information that I received from a very kind forum member (Thanks Seabear) We are off to a Safety at Sea Weekend, which is a joint U.S. Coast Guard / Sea Scout event.

Sad to say it couldn't have fallen on a worse weekend.H/S Sports are in full swing and there is some kind of H/S Band competition on this weekend. Just my luck to have a bunch of Lads that are either jocks or band members or both!!

We also have our small town Fall Festival going on, and Scout car races. (Soap Box cars)

It looks like it will be a marvelous weekend, it's a shame that only two Lads can make it.

It's a long drive about 350 miles each way, but I sure as heck wasn't going to let a couple of football games and a few Soccer games along a few Lads tooting their flute cancel the weekend.

I'm telling everyone that from small acorns mighty oak trees grow.

The Dad of two band players is also the Assistant Leader, for his sins he is also the H/S Band Treasurer, so he isn't able to go. This left me scrambling for an adult. I asked a lot of people and the first to offer was our new DE. The guy that I have been saying is about as useful as pockets in my underwear!!

Would someone please pass the salt? I need it to help eat this crow.

Still I'm sure we both will get to know each other a little better over the weekend. The two lads that are going are really great kids. It's a shame OJ has soccer!!

But I aim to take plenty of photos which will be the best recruiting tool.



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What a great Start. Two good goals for those acorns would be the SEAL Course. They need to earn Ordinary by June 1st of next year in order to qualify, but it has to be the premier youth training course BSA has.


We have two Trustee Mates. Fine Mates. Finer men have never slept upon a spinnaker. Although, I took both of mine out for a test ride in our new beautiful boat and almost visited Davy Jones' Locker. Remember men, hoses that will sink you need TWO clamps. A beautiful summer day.....wasted. Winds were fabulous. Nice 10-12 knot breeze. The Mac was handling beautifully as we tacked back and forth across the lack. Why does my weiner dog keep yelping? What a fabulous day. What a great boat. What a great lake. 26,000 acres of lake just made for this boat. The teens were aboard the powerboat, water skiing and tubing, leaving us to a relaxing cruise. "Man, I wish that dog would shut up." I look in the cabin and pup is up to her neck in water.....lake water. The Mac is handling a little sluggish. Guys, we have a problem! Big Problem. Hit the pump switch. Nothing. Marvelous. Find where that water is coming in fellas. Plug the other pump in. Not. Water was pouring through the outlet opening. Oh boy. Adrenaline hits max. But my trustee Evinrude will get us out of this. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. No, this can't be happening. Pull, pull, Whack! I hit my finger on a cleat while pulling on the motor. Words from my Army Sergeant past start to rise. But as they are about to erupt, there sits my trustee mates wife, along for her first sailboat ride, looking at me. I swallow the blue streak. No motor. Those two Mates start bailing for all their worth. Gallons at a time. One using a cooler the other a bucket. I find our beach, and that's where the wind wants to take us. Sails as tight as I can get them. We're moving pretty good. I think we're going to make it. I'm not going to have to swim a mile with the dog. My trustee mates are pouring gallons and sweating gallons. There's the beach. We're going to make it boys. Crank the Keel up, we're going in. Ah, the beach. Boooyah.


What a ride.


Two clamps on those drain hoses. two.(This message has been edited by Trail Pounder)

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