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2005 Cardboard Boat Regatta in the Books

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The 2005 Cardboard Boat Regatta is in the books. Over 50 participants attended as the boats, A roman barge, an alligator, a little something or another and an orange thing and a few others sailed the prescribed course, some with better results tha others.


All boats were composed of cardboard and paint and glue with a generous dab of duct tape. It was great, the crews were plotting their strategy for next year as they hauled the tattered remains of there boats from the water.


Yes, it does work, the boats float and the Crews learn teamwork and not to wait until the last minute.


Just a thought, these were not Sea Scouts, a fact most Sea Scouts should be most proud!

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We used the boat dock at summer camp. The boats were to have a theme and the 4 person crew had to drop their boat in the water, take off, go around two buoys, about 50 yards anf head back to the dock. We timed from leaving the dock to touching it. If the boat fell aprt, the biggest piece left had to make it back to the dock. The boats had to be made from Corragated cardboard and glue and paint. No artificial (foam) flotation was allowed. The winning boat looked like an alligator and the crew was dressed like Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter). The best theme winner was a roman barge with its crew dressed in togas with an olive branch crown. The winning time was 1:20 minutes and the longest one was 2:50. IN the afternoon the crews used cardabord to make a 2 man boat for a shorter race, interestingly enough, some crews boats laster longer than their big boats. In the evening all the boats were taken to a campfire and burned. First because they are all wrecked, and second to show they all follwed the rules (trust but verify)


AS we had a pirate theme after the boat burning, we watched Pirates of the Carribean and went to sleep. Well, some of us did, as it was a Venturing Outing, some youth were up for quite awhile, ostensibly planning next years entry.


We had places in:


Fastest Boat 4 crew members

Fastets Boat 2 crew members

Best theme

Titantic Class, best sinking with style


DInner was fish stick and chicken planks and dirty rice. If you are interested, google Cardboard Boat Regatta and take a week to read it through. It teaches teamwork, innovation, problem solving and just having fun. After the races the waterfront was open for awhile while as all the attedning BSA lifeguards took turn keeping watch


All in all its a good time


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Ha!! Our boys did this this past weekend at the River Days festival in New Richmond, Ohio. It was our first time and we had a blast. There were 30 boats there, some of which were outstandingly made. In fact some of the boats have competed for several years, believe it or not. Our three entries were rather humble in comparison, but our boys are already thinking of more ambitious projects for next year.

We camped just a couple blocks away from festival central, right on the river, and enjoyed the live band all weekend and the huge fireworks show across the river -- all while relaxing in our campsite in the shade!

New Richmond's event is more strict than others I've seen. Boats are allowed to be made of Cardboard, Tape (within 4" of a seam, only), and plain paint (no two-part paints or urethane). The course is 200 yards down the river. We had some spectacular sinkings, but did not win the "Titanic Award". Maybe next year...

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