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Venturing style Jamboree

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Could Venturers do a large event similar to the National Jamboree? This would be for Venturers, Sea Scouts, and would last about a week. Each council could send a contingent crew with 4 adult leaders assigned to each crew. Venturers could do

outdoor events, arts and hobbies events, religious organizations

that have crews could have exhibits, sea scouts could bring in

boats and do demonstrations, there could be competitions. Could

councils partner on an idea such as this. It would start out small and then progress from there. This event could be every 4 years same as Jamboree. Any ideas that could be put into action if so please contact me privately.


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This issue has been brought up to the National Venturing Committee. Regionally, there are Jamboree-like events that are either Region sponsored or multi-council sponsored. Western Region will be having Venturing Viewpoint http://venturing.bsa-la.com/VenturingViewpoint/ in June 2006. Similarly, North East Region will be having Venturing Vortex, http://www.venturingvortex.org/, a Ranger based program this June. Likewise, Southern and Central Region have been doing similar activities.



Venturing Viewpoint Committee

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