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I have some questions about venturing.

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Hello everyone. Some friends of mine and I are looking into joining a Venture Crew next year and we had some questions. We are all about to become Life Scouts and are working very hard towards Eagle. None of us want to have to quit regular Scouts. Can you be registred as a Boy Scout and a Venturer at the same time? As a venturer can you still take an Active role in the OA? Thank you for your time.

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Good post, but I believe your mistatken on the "IF you maintain your troop registration". Venturers can be members of the OA without maintaing troop registration.


To be become a member of the OA you must be elected through a BSA Troop or Team. But once your in you can be a member of the OA by only being registered with a Crew.


I have one of the Vice Chiefs of our Lodge in our crew and he isn't registerd with a troop.


However I could be mistaken. Where did you get your refernce?




Cary P.

Advisor Crew 805.



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As one of the "big guns" in my council for Venturing, maybe I can shed some light on what has already been posted.


There have been at least 3 courses for Venture Leader Specific Training. The first one stated that Venturers could not be members in OA nor wear their flaps if they were a member before the joined Venturing. The second course didn't come out and say this, and the third course reversed the position. So if a poster tells you that Venturers can/can't be involved they are telling you what they were told in training.


The current stand is while venturers do not elect members, if they are under 18 they can be involved if already a member. If over 18 they can be involved in OA as adult members. Clear as mud now, right?


So yes you can jointly register, and in fact that might be a good idea, and yes you can be involved even if you aren't jointly registered...

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