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Venturing Commissioner Teams

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I sincerly believe that Venturing needs a Commissioner Team that just handles Venturing and Sea Scouts. Why?? Because Venturing is organized differently than Cub and Boy Scouts the problems that Crews and Ships face are somewhat more different from the that of

Troops and Packs. One because of the coeducational nature of Venturing the Youth Protection issues are somewhat more unique than those of Cub Scouts and younger Boy Scouts I will however say that

Youth Protection issues of older Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts may be

similar but not quite the same. Also since Venturing crews are somewhat more independent than Troops,Teams and Packs and they are

Youth-led then commissioners need to be more specialized. I do realize my understanding yet sharp critics will be on me like white on rice I am a Venturing Unit Commissioner and Venturing is quite a bit more different than other forms of scouting.

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Specialized Venturing Commissioners would be great for serving Venturing units, however, as Commissioners, we need to make sure we understand all program opportunities in order to help bridge the gaps.


Yes, Venturing is a unique and misunderstood program, however, separating it away from the more traditional programs we have grown to know so well will only help to further understanding and growth.


The three units I spent the last seven years with have been exploring (then venturing crew) that specialized as a high school competition snowboard team, a venturing crew chartered by a rotary club, and a sea scout unit chartered to a united states power squadron. All three of these units have unique needs and fit no one model of Scouting except that provided in Venturing --> a business model with rewards (aka awards for leadership development)


Venturing commissioners are a great idea, however, our buddies in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts need to understand the Venturing opportunity.


You bring up an outstanding point about Venturing Youth Protection being different. You are right on with that one.


Who would be better to help teach and anticipate the needs to serve that difference than a commissioner team?

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I imagine there is about 8 or 9 crews in the district. However in the council there are about 27 or so. The Venturing Commissioner Team could be on the Council Level and have a Commissioner Team Committee chairperson and then have Venturing

Commissioners working with the crews on a council level. In our

district there would probably not be enough to start district

Venturing Commissioner Team however on the council it could be done.

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The job to recruit commissioners in our district and council rests with that of the District Commissioner and as far as I know he has not recruited 3 more commissioners for any Venturing

Crews in our district. In our district Venturing crew advisors are very reluctant to have Commissioner visit them. The crew I work with is very cooperative most the other ones are not very

cooperative.I do visit the Venturing Officers Association meetings monthly on the council level and they are very informative and I am trying to encourage my crew to do some VOA activities and the youth are not very interested. Because they have done much of that as a crew.

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