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We know that youth in a Pack are Cub Scouts.


We all now an adult in a Cub Scout Pack is a Scouter, or a Cub Scouter. (Though Cubber was apparently the original form.)


We know that youth in Troops are Scouts.


We know that adults in a Boy Scout Troop, or serving the BSA in a district, council, region, or national capacity is a Scouter.


We know that youth in Venturing are Venturers.


So, what is an adult leader in a Venturing Crew? Are they Venturerers? That can't be right. So, are they simply another form of Scouter? That doesn't make since, because Venturing seems to all it can to identify itself as Venturing, not Scouting. After all, make the mistake of calling a Venturer a Scout, or suggest they are doing Scouting, and you will often be quickly corrected that they are a Venturer and do Venturing.


So, what is the correct term for an adult in a Venturing Crew?

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Another question, why is a Venturing Crew a Venturing Crew? Let me explain that question bit.


A Cub Scout Pack is a Pack made up of Cub Scouts.


A Boy Scout Troop is a Troop made up of Boy Scouts.


A Varsity Scout Team is a Team made up of Varsity Scouts.


A Venturing Crew is a Crew made up of Venturings. HOLD IT. That isn't right. There is no such thing as a "Venturing". There are Venturers. So why is it not a Venturer Crew? or a Venture Crew? (OK, Venture Crew sounds way too much like Venture Patrol, so I guess that was out already.)


Who exactly came up with the naming system for Venturing? It seems like whoever they were they must have been having an off day when they undertook the project, because it sure came up with some funny results. (For proof of that, try explaining the correct terms for, and the program differences between, a Venture Patrol, Varsity Scout Team, and Venturing Crew to someone who is more or less clueless about it. That exercise should prove my point.)

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Thank you oh silvery haired Eagle of advanced age.


I should note my brief stint as a Venturer would have qualifid as that.


Though I should be quick to point out that was not a product of the Crew or the Venturing program.


In fact, that Crew was the first unit in the BSA I have ever found that doesn't even attempt to deliver the promise (what that constitutes in Venturing, I have no idea, they didn't even bother to make the promise) to its members.


In fact the entire purpose of the Crew was this and this alone. To provide a mechanism for making certain its members who were engaged in serving other units were provided with BSA insurance coverage and the right to wear the uniform.


In case you haven't figured it out yet, that Crew was the summer camp staff Crew I have mentioned before.


Serving on staff was lots of fun. Being part of a paper Venturing Crew and wearing a different uniform didn't really add to the experience.


But, I did have a great time in my two months of Venturing. (So, I can honestly say I have been part of all 3 of the major programs of the BSA, and had fun while a member of all of those parts. Yay.)

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To answer your original question:


Adult - Advisor, Associate Advisor, etc. Plural: "Advisors"


Don't forget Sea Scouting (a division of Venturing)


Adult - Skipper, Mate, etc. Plural: "Advisors and/or Skippers & Mates"


YiV & SS,



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Advisor ~ Scout Master

Associate Advisor ~ ASM


I just call them all Advisors in general.

I would say "My Advisor told me to..." for the Advisor

and "One of my Advisors told me to..." for the Associates.

This is just due to the fact that there is one "Advisor" and many "Associates", just like how there is only one SM and many ASM in a troop.


I would just say that they are advisors as soon as they are over 21.


Just my $0.02

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Perhaps I was less than clear.


I know the terms for the actual positions for adults in a Venturing Crew.


What I am looking for is the generic, catch all sort of term like "Scouter" that applies to all adults in the Venturing program.


If you are ever in a mixed group of youth and adults in the Boy Scout (or even Cub Scout) program you could use a general greeting like, "hello Scouts and Scouters".


What I am looking for is the Venturing equivalent, the "Hello Venturers and ...." Advisers doesn't really work, because that doesn't cover all adults. The term Scouter covers Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, and Committee Members. The term Advisers would cover Advisers and Associate Advisers, but it would not cover Committee Members.



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I don't see why "Advisors" wouldn't work for committee. The same would be for Scouters who are committee members.


Wouldn't the committee treasurer advise the crew treasurer?

Wouldn't the committee secretary advise the crew secretary?

Wouldn't the activities charperson advise the VP-program?

Wouldn't the committee chairperson advise the VP-administration?


There are several committee positions that advise crew officer positions, very much as troop committee members advise Scouts. The positions are very much the same, however now you're using different terminology.


You can still say "Hello Venturers and Advisors."


YiV & SS,




PS. Just another point, in Sea Scouts, it's "Scouts and Scouters."

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I personally like Venture Scout myself...hence my username. Proud Eagle, I am a Venturer for similar reasons you were. I am away at College, and honestly don't have the time to be involved with my Crew at home when I am home. So I am bascailly a Venturer just to stay in the program, and covered under insurance etc... I jump on trips with my old Troop whenever I can. All it is for me is a change in Uniform. Although I have read a few Venturing publications and know the oath and code and live by them daily. Much like Explorers of the past, who camped with their Troops as well as their posts(or so i am told by my uncle who was an Explorer). They were kinda the "older" scouts on board. Which leads me to start up a post in the Scouting History forum...



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Some time back we chatted in the MSN Chat Room and you explained to me your situation.

Last week I was talking on the phone to a parent of a Lad who is going to the Jamboree. Her older Lad went in 2001. The family is very much what might be called a Scouting Family, both son's are Eagle Scouts. Mom and Dad have over the years held different positions in the pack and the Troop. The older boy Steve is a great Lad who has done a lot of work with the Catholic Diocese in the area of poverty. He worked as an intern last summer in Washington DC. I put his name in for the Young American Award.He is now 18 and still wants to be registered, but will be off too College later this year and really doesn't have the time to be that active. He does serve on the Catholic Scouting Committee in our area.

His Mom asked what could be done? I am going to have him register as a College Scouter Reserve (Code 92). There is also a Scouter Reserve position (Code 91).

Being the idiot that I sometimes am, for a number of years I didn't know what to do with older people who for some reason were no longer able to hold a active role. These people were in my case mostly Commissioners (I was at that time District Commissioner.)they had given a life time of service to Scouting and the BSA, but some were unable to drive at night and some had not kept up to date with changes in the program and were guiding the units they served down the wrong path. What to do with these old timers? Was hard,I didn't want them just as names on the Commissioner roster. So I had them added to the District Charter as Members At Large. We did make up titles and jobs for a few but how many people can you have as being in charge of Boy's Life promotion? Or as District Procurement Team members? Once I found out that there was a code 91 and that Scouter Reserve did exist, I slept a lot better.

I think it might be where you might want to hang your hat for a while. It's just an idea.



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Eamonn, that does sound like something I would be interested in. I was searching the web looking for more info on types of different registration with the BSA. I found this page, actually from the archives of the scouter forum. In it, it states that the College Scouter Reserve is being phased out... Is there anyone who knows of a place I can find out more information about either of these codes, 91 or 92. Qualifications etc...



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I just want to leave a final answer in this thread in case a future college student finds it.


Despite what may have been said in the past, the College Scouter Reserve is still a valid registration category. I called the National Office to confirm this and I am currently registered as a College Scouter (Position 92). The only training required for this position is YPT. As far as how it works, College Scouters are on their own for figuring out what they do. If they are Arrowmen, encourage them to stay active in a lodge. If not, it is best to contact the local DE and go from there.

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Proud Eagle


The all encompassing term for adults in a crew is, guess what , the same as in packs and troops namely SCOUTERS. Is that simple enough?


PS : But I do like the name VENTURIONS.(This message has been edited by BadenP)

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